20+ Toddler activities to do at home. Indoor play plus a couple outdoor ideas for getting toddlers active and learning.
Toddlers. They can be tricky! Not quite ready for sitting down and doing focused learning activities, this group is active, always exploring and needs their own fun activities to keep them (I don’t like the term busy) investigating the right things rather than getting into the wrong ones.
It does not take complicated activities to get toddlers interested in fun play. If you are looking for some toddler activities to do at home (for 1-3 year olds), I have a list of over 20 right from the blog here! They are simple, play and learning activities that my toddlers have loved.
Check them out and let me know how they work for you! 

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1) Make this simple tossing game using one item and toss in tissue paper balls, bean bags or even balls made from socks.

2) Learn and sort colors with this easy to make sorting activity.
3) Dance to some great music that teaches basic concepts!

4) This sensory bin idea was part of the 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers series and includes tips for managing sensory mess!

6) Make these DIY Jumbo Building Blocks and your child can build, knock down and build again! 

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7) Clap along to music or try some other simple ways to practice making and recognizing patterns.
8) Play with felt shapes on this homemade felt board that sticks to the front of the fridge to create a fun play space-and keep your toddler occupied during dinner prep! (You won’t believe what I used to make this!)
Painting on a drop cloth canvas plus 19 other ideas for toddlers at home.

9-12) Try these 4 ways to have some homemade fun no matter the weather.

13) Sing these two simple songs and dance together.
14) Make a homemade playdough puzzle to work on matching skills.
15) All you need for this playdough activity are play dough and pasta!


16) Play with toy animals and learn their names with simple nametags.

17) Try this homemade shape matching game using cardboard tube trees.
18) Use extra stickers to identify shapes with this activity.
19) Personalize this DIY tray table and shaker toys-an idea from a mom who reads this blog! 

Toddler activities to do at home shared at The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide.

20) This crawling activity is great for the newly walking toddler for learning animal names-you can use an old calendar or print out the images linked.

21) Some toddlers can sit and listen to books, so remember how important that is to instill the love of learning even at such a young age.

22-23) Often, the best idea is to get toddlers outside at the playground or a park to investigate the trees and plants and run off their excess energy.  When the weather cooperates, of course.


This article shows how important it is for all children to run and play outside much longer than many are able to these days. If the weather is causing you to stay indoors, the list above has you covered.


Read up on Toddler development from my Crash Course in Child Development series to learn all about what is going on in this stage of your child’s life.

Enjoy your toddler,
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