Ideas for using colored tape to teach patterns to preschool kids. Great activity idea for preschool homeschool.

Teaching in a low income daycare center taught me to be resourceful. I had to use the supplies that were in the craft closet. Or buy extra with my own money. That meant focusing on quality learning with super cheap supplies as much as possible. I got creative for teaching patterns at home for preschool too.

This electrical tape activity for teaching patterns is really inexpensive. You can use washi tape too! Use what you have on hand. Let’s dive in to how this activity works.

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Teaching patterns in preschool with electrical tape is an easy and fun way to enhance preschool at home. So inexpensive too!

Teaching Patterns for at Home Preschool Learning

I taught this activity to my oldest when he was four. I taught it again with second child when she was three. Best ages for this activity are 3-5 year olds.

Supplies: (affiliate links)

Colored electrical tape or washi tape

Construction paper or scrap paper.

(Quick tip: Save any paper from the mail that is blank on the back. We keep it for scrap paper. The kids use it to draw, do their math work, etc. Handy and frugal!)

  1. Cut small strips (2 inches each) of each color of tape. (You will need about 6-10 pieces of each color.)
  2. Stick them to the edge of the table.
  3. Begin the patterns on the paper. I did an AbAbAb pattern with white and red tape on the top and then created an AAbAAb pattern on the bottom half of the paper. More pattern ideas are shared here.

I start the pattern by sticking pieces of tape on the paper. Then I explain to my child that these are patterns.

Patterns are a sequence of organization that help us understand math.

Electrical tape in different colors can be cut into small strips for preschoolers to use as a patterning tool.

I ask them to look at the first pattern and ask if they can tell me what color comes next.

They can use the pieces of tape to continue the pattern across the paper. I have my kiddos repeat the pattern until they reach the edge of the paper.

Preschoolers can learn about patterns with inexpensive materials like colored electrical tape. It is a great activity idea for preschool at home.

After they complete the first one, I do the same for the bottom pattern.

If they are enjoying it and understanding the concept, we make another couple of patterns on another piece of paper. Two additional patterns to try that are a little bit harder are ABCABC and AABBCAABBC.

You can even ask your child at the end to flip over one paper and try to make their own pattern. Just remember that it has to have an element of repetition. You can see more ideas here.


More Ideas for Teaching Patterns

Teaching patterns at home for preschool helps build up your child’s foundational learning for later algebra. Every learning activity we do with our children helps build up their learning potential as they grow.

You can try some patterning games too. We love these! Great options for family game night ideas. (affiliate links)

What was the most recent preschool activity you did with your child? Any favorite pattern games for preschool?

Fun preschool activity learning patterns at home.