Infant Activities

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The key for infant activities is a lot of communication and a lot of repetition.  Research has shown that the nerve pathways in the brains of infants light up when they hear familiar phrases! Make those brains shine by utilizing these activities for infants. They will help keep you actively engaged together at home.

This list of activities is created with simple supplies and will take minutes to set up. There is no need to be fussy and complicated to set up activities for babies. Simple is best. I have done these activities with all four of my children when they were infants.

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Infant Activities

Sensory Play for Babies

  1. Sensory bin exploring shapes with sand
  2. Cloth Napkin Sensory Bin
  3. Ice and Muffin Tin for Sensory Play
  4. Sensory Crawl for Babies
  5. DIY Sensory Bottles
  6. Painting with babies
  7. Simple Kitchen ingredients sensory bin
  8. DIY Sticky Ball
  9. Indoor Water Play Ideas for Babies

Fine Motor Activities

  1. Fine Motor Play with Cotton Balls
  2. Peek a Boo Boxes DIY Toy for Babies
  3. Fine Motor Play with Ice
  4. Finger Painting Tips
  5. Make Your Own Personalized Book
  6. Cloth Napkin Grab Bin
  7. Rainbow Ice Painting for Kids

Gross Motor Activities

  1. Floor exploration with animal pictures
  2. Crawling sensory activity
  3. Indoor “snow ball” toss game
  4. Build and Play with DIY photo blocks
  5. Outdoor Play Ideas for babies

Visual Stimulation

  1. DIY Contrast Cards
  2. Beach Towel Visual Stim Activity
  3. Infant Stimulation Activities
  4. DIY Photo Blocks from Milk Cartons
  5. DIY Books for Infants
  6. DIY Photo Peek a Boo Box Toy

Development Tips for Babies

  1. Favorite Books for Babies
  2. The benefits of reading to your baby
  3. Language Development Tips for Babies
  4. Infant Activities App
  5. Infant Development Overview

Favorite DIY Activities for Babies

Ice and muffin tin fine motor and sensory activity for infants that is a quick one to put together and clean up.

Sticky Ball Fine Motor Activity for Infants and Toddlers-takes 5 minutes to prep.

Super simple DIY toy for babies using a wipes container or small cardboard box.

Sensory crawl infant and toddler activity to encourage crawling and walking children to explore safely-and get moving indoors!

Make your own photo blocks from a milk carton. These are fun building blocks for kids personalized with family pictures.




Spark your infants language development with tips and activities shared by a speech language pathologist.


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