Quick Start Guide to Achieving Balance

Get the 4-day free mini course to set your life and home on the path to balance. The Quick Start Guide to Achieving Balance at Home was created as a first-step with immediate results. It will give you the framework to go from feeling like you can’t keep up with your day to setting goals and prioritizing tasks. This is the path to balance.

All moms struggle with feeling balance at home. I faced one of the biggest lessons of balance during one of the biggest challenges of my life when I had twins.

Going from two children to four as a mom who has had a lot of health challenges really forced me to set priorities and shed a lot of unnecessary focus points from my life. I had to learn to do what mattered most each day and did not have the same time to take on extras.

What Does Balance Look Like

Balance to me just means setting priorities – and the people in my home are my first priority. Creating our family culture and making our home as functional and peaceful as possible is where I find balance. It is definitely a faith-focus for me.

I pray a lot for strength and calm in the tough moments. Many moments of being a mom are not calm and balanced because we have to react to our children and life events so quickly at times. But, a speaker and author named, Ginger Harrington, who I had the privilege of meeting way back when I was in a mom group 10 years ago said it best: We as moms have to set the temperature in our homes. Be the thermostat and not the thermometer.

Reacting is being a thermometer, being proactive is setting the temperature.

To me that means getting into a good but flexible routine every day to stay on top of the clutter and keep my home as functional as I can. We need to be able to move and function to attend to the life events that are inevitable with raising families. This allows for clearer sightlines throughout my days and in my mindset.

It also means flexing. Those two work together: routine and flexibility. The free printable checklist will get you working on priorities from day one.

Then, the free encouragement cards will keep you motivated.

I find that when I have the main activities of my day like cleaning routine, laundry time, family time, as my focus, it opens up time to work in the quiet time and recharge time that I need too. Otherwise, I am always jumping from mess to mess rather than actively taking care of items on my daily list and setting aside time to recharge too.

Set the temperature, and realize that when you as the mom are getting out of balance, it is time to set some things aside and refocus on priorities. In other words setting boundaries to prioritize home and family. I like to say balance is a daily set of actions, it is not a place to arrive and never leave.

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