A Parent’s Guide to School Choice: All the school options you DO have

Every parent must make the choice about which school or school environment will be best for their child. Education is essential. None of our children can thrive without some form of education in their young years. But what school choice is best? And, what do you do as a parent if your first school choice option turns out to not be the best one for your child?

That is what A Parent’s Guide to School Choice will lead you through. My new book is for parents who want to make the best school choice for their children. It is a roadmap of the school options available in most areas and the great things about each as well as the not-so-great aspects of each.

This book will help you as a parent weed through each school option and weigh them against your family’s values and your child’s learning style. It will help you set your child up to succeed and grow in their strengths.

As a former classroom teacher, I have seen the school system from the inside and outside. My perspective is formed from being a student, college student, teacher, parent and homeschool mom.

With four children who each learn best in different ways. I have had to focus on their success as the goal when deciding which school will be best.

By not reading this book, you will miss out on targeting your child’s specific learning strengths and allowing them to increase their weaknesses. We can only make the best decision for our children when we have all essential information on the table.

The school or school environment we choose will shape what our children feel about themselves, how they feel in a learning environment, and what path to success they walk. If you miss out on knowing all the school choice options you do have, your child may not grow into their highest potential. Listen in as I share a deep dive into the book and what you gain by reading it.

The choice of what school option will be best can cause a lot of stress. How do we know what each option will do for our children? Where do we even start?

The overwhelm can set in, but by reading this book, the options will become clear. You will discover school options that you did not even know existed for your child.

They do not all cost tuition, either. For every budget and every learning style there is a school that will fit your child and your family.

Get your copy of A Parent’s Guide to School Choice: All the school choice options you do have today! Get A Parent’s Guide to School Choice on Amazon.

Whether they are successful in school or need a new school environment, A Parent’s Guide to School Choice will detail more options than you knew you had. Included are resources in the appendix. The school choice reference chart will give you quick access to the pros and cons of each school choice. The assessment forms will guide you if you are thinking about sending your child to preschool or kindergarten. The homeschool curricula is a quick reference if you do make the choice to school your children at home.

But, this guide is filled with so many school options, because all families are not the same. We each need to assess our children’s strengths, think about whether their school is supporting those strengths, and know all of our options. You will be able to guide your child to their goals. This book will help you feel successful as a parent no matter what school challenge you need to navigate.

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