As moms, we sometimes do not identify as teachers. Teaching seems more prescriptive than being a mom many days. We react to our kids. We meet their needs. We guide. We do teach them. Every mom is a teacher whether you have a teaching degree or not.

Every time we read to them, instruct them to eat their vegetables or help them learn to put their clean clothes away. It is all life lessons learned – taught by parents.

Teaching our kids does not require a degree. To help moms, dads and caregivers who feel they do not know how to teach their children. I created a cheat sheet to help parents teach their children a learning activity.

It really is a simple set of steps. The learning activity does the teaching. You just guide the flow. Easy!

I created this free printable guide for you. In a few simple steps you can prep and teach an infant activity. (For moms with older kids, I have versions for toddlers and preschool too!) How to Teach an Activity Free Printable Guides are available exclusively to you when you subscribe to my email newsletter.

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Guide for Teaching Infant Activities

The teaching guide can be easily printed and laminated or slip it into a page protector sleeve. Then each time you prepare an activity for your baby, you can see clearly the steps to take.

This will help you feel focused as a mom. It will guide you through the essential steps to helping your baby learn and develop according to their abilities.

Teaching can seem like it is more involved or tricky than it really is at times. With simple straight forward steps, you will be teaching your infant and feeling successful when you have that quality time together.

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