15 summer writing prompts school age summer activity

Summer’s here and it’s time for some relaxation, fun and definitely a lot of down time. I think I’m ready for the days of summer more than my own girls are. Although I know that unending free time all day long can be a bit too much. Summer writing prompts are a great school age summer activity.

Summer Writing Prompts for School Age Kids

At the beginning of May I start to anticipate the end of the school year and start dreaming of all the activities we’re going to get to do during the summer. Especially now that the girls are older the anticipation is even higher.

As much as I love summer, I also know how much kids lose in terms of learning when they’re out for the summer. They go from being in the classroom to not going anywhere near learning activities until August.

I have always had a love for knowledge and learning.

I was the kid that would play outside all day, but also have her nose stuck in a book all night. I made my mom quiz me on BrainQuest flash cards during summer road trips.

I actually enjoyed summer bridge workbooks my parents bought me. So because of this I try to make sure my girls have some type of learning or educational time each day.  

Both my girls love writing. They love fresh notebooks that are just waiting to be filled. They love writing stories in every different gel pen color they have. They make lists for me. They love to create.

I found a great way to incorporate summer, learning and their love of writing into an easy and fun activity. I came up with this 15 Summer Writing Prompts activity and they loved it. It’s easy to do and a great casual learning activity for school age kids.

15 Summer Writing Prompts

15 summer writing prompts school age summer activity

First, I printed out the writing prompts. Simply click on the image to download straight to your computer and print or just leave it up for your kids to see.

Then I had them each pick out their favorite notebook.

I encouraged them to answer each prompt as descriptively as possible. To include as much detail as they possibly could to accurately describe their answer.

This obviously depends on the age of your child.

My 10 year old was much more descriptive than her 7 year old sister. I also helped coach her a little more as well.

It was also a great conversation starter. It helped me to better understand how they see the world. I loved talking with them about their own thoughts or asking for clarification if I didn’t understand something.

This writing prompt activity was very simple to create and use with my girls. It got us talking together instead of us all being in separate rooms doing different things.

It’s a great activity to spark creative writing, learning and conversations. Perfect for those summer nights when you need to wind down after a long day.

15 summer writing prompts school age summer activity

What are your favorite educational summer activities? Share in the comments below.

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