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19 homemaking quick tips to get more done, and feel more successful as a homemaker or stay-at-home mom.

My kids love to pretend together. It’s the greatest view to see all 4 in all their different stages of development interacting and playing together. They love that show Ninjago that you can stream on Netflix. I would even say at times they seem a little obsessed.

The Ninjago ride at Legoland was so fun because their eyes were full of excitement and joy to be playing along with their favorite Lego characters.

My husband almost banned the show because the kids were getting a little too into it. (I won’t tell him I told you that he tends to over-watch anything related to military shows, documentaries and movies. The apple as they say does not fall far…)

The problem for me with my kids’ interest in Lego building and Lego shows on tv is the little Lego person body parts end up everywhere. Luckily the pain of stepping on a Lego arm is much less than a Lego brick. So, I’ve got that going for me.

Trying to feel successful as a mom and homemaker is tough when often after cleaning a room our kids have messed it up within 5 minutes. This is my house! Without my homemaking quick tips I would look around and think I had done nothing all day-every day.

I am a clutter hater. I can’t stand it. I have my own piles and mess at times, but at some point it has to get all cleaned up for my sanity.

Everyone else in the house could care less if things are straightened up and put away at the end of the day. But me, I like to go to bed without mess…easier said than done many days.

We’ve got our kids’ toy storage organized, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them to clean up all together.

I have to rely on some homemaking quick tips to keep my house generally clean and organized (most days).

Do you find it tough to keep the house looking like it is clean and cared for? Try this collection of homemaking quick tips.

Homemaking Quick Tips

Cleaning tips

Reduce clutter with this handy tool you probably have at home.

Try this carpet deodorizer that uses two ingredients and is all natural to make the house smell refreshed.

Clean the bathroom in minutes with this strategy.

Get the kids to do chores: more hands make lighter work.

Essential oils-based cleaning products keep things simple and natural.

This natural goo remover keeps surfaces and clothes free of sticky residue.

Check out this big list of homemaking tips shared by a bunch of SAHMs.

Keeping the fridge clean is easy when you focus on simple organization.

Meal Planning Tips

Quick breakfast recipes help everyone enjoy the first meal of the day.

A fridge snack organization box is essential to help kids choose healthy snacks and be more independent.

I also like using quick after school snack hacks to keep the kids’ hunger under control until dinner.

Try these simple meal planning tips to keep dinner time from being too stressful.

Use leftovers in creative ways to add new flavor and maximize your grocery budget.

These tips for getting dinner on the table when you have a new baby are key for maintaining sanity!

Time Management Tips

These four simple shortcuts can help streamline your day.

Try a done list. It’s too easy not to use to feel more successful as a mom and homemaker.

Finding time when you do not have enough is hard, but can be done!

There is even an app for time management.

The Successful Mom Daily Checklist is so important for staying focused on getting things done even when you have little ones at home.

No, the Lego men are not going to be off of my floor any time soon, and I don’t want to wish away these years. I want to enjoy them.

Trying to stay on top of my homemaking tasks with simple strategies and tips for homemakers keeps me organized enough to enjoy the time at home with my kids even amid the mess.

What are your go-to homemaking quick tips or hacks for feeling more successful as a mom?

19 homemaking quick tips to get more done, and feel more successful as a homemaker or stay-at-home mom.