I DREAD cleaning the bathroom.  I love when it is clean, but for some reason the ‘doing’ requires motivation.  With potty training children in the house almost nonstop for the past few years, I definitely have my reason for keeping the bathroom as clean as possible-little hands, dirty toilet…yuck!

With children in the house, if I am going to get anything clean, my method has to be quick. This method is great for the cleaning that you do weekly…or try to do…and it only takes 5 minutes!

White toilet and gray hamper next to it. Text reads clean the bathroom in five minutes.

Supplies to clean the bathroom in 5 minutes: 

-paper towels or 2 rags

-glass cleaner or your preferred bathroom cleaner (I use this one cleaner for everything!)

-toilet cleaner (if different)

-toilet brush


What to do to clean the bathroom in 5 minutes:

1) Wipe down all surfaces with a dry paper towel or rag.

You may need two towels to complete this depending on your bathroom size. 

-You are dusting the surfaces to remove all of the fuzz, hair, etc. that accumulates on the hard surfaces. Wipe off the counters, tub surround, toilet tank and around the seat, lid, bowl, etc.


2) Spray all hard surfaces with the your bathroom cleaner from the mirror on the wall to the sink and counter to the toilet surfaces.

3) Wipe off all the surfaces that were sprayed with cleaner with two more paper towels. 

-You may need to scrub a little around the drain and the countertop if there is any makeup stuck on or traces of dust that were not removed with the dry wipe.

4) Flush the toilet to remove any excess cleaner in the bowl (if you use ammonia-based cleaner). 

You do not need to flush if you are using ammonia-free cleaner. It is only a precaution if you use a toilet bowl cleaner with bleach-ammonia and bleach are harmful if mixed.

5) Squirt your toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl, let it sit for a few seconds, and scrub with a toilet brush.

That’s it.  FIVE steps, FIVE minutes. 
I wet mop my bathroom floors every week. I don’t include that in my timing here since I generally do it when I vacuum and not necessarily at the same time that I clean. 

For a natural way to mop the floors so you can get that fresh clean scent without harsh chemicals, use essential oils with a steam mop
I hope this can help you streamline your cleaning, but STILL maintain a safe, clean home for your family. To keep your cleaning schedule organized, here is a printable cleaning or chore chart that can be customized to fit your needs.

Depending on their age, your children can help clean by wiping off the sink or mirrors. They touch these surfaces daily, so touching them to help clean is not introducing them to any other germs they are not already exposed to, if you are worried about that. Here are more ideas about how to get kids involved with household chores.

I was going to say, “Happy cleaning,” but really, the cleaning process is not necessarily fun, although the end point of a clean bathroom is what I keep in mind. Quick and easy makes it a bit more enjoyable. Check out more of my quick tips for the home. 

Woman cleaning bathroom mirror with a rag. Text reads Cleaning tips. How to clean a bathroom in only 5 minutes.
Easy method to get the bathroom clean in only 5 minutes! Simple tips make this so easy.
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