Girl decorating for Christmas.

We just hosted all four grandparents at our house for a week. When you have kids at home, there may not be large windows of time during your week to prep for the holidays. This time I approached the visit with less stress. I have learned how to manage stress during the holidays by following a few tips.

These are time management tips to help tackle the holiday preparations in a manageable way. There is no need to stress over the holidays. Truly!

Mom and child decorating the tree.

Manage Stress During the Holidays

This time of year is meant to be renewing, encouraging and comforting. It just takes keeping priorities in order.

My No-Stress Guide for the Holidays is a place to go for guidance on keeping the real reason for the holidays in focus. And, my post over at Hope in the Chaos with my tips to help you manage stress during the holidays with kids at home.

Homeschooling through the Holidays blog series filled with tips to help moms at home manage stress during the holidays.

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What are you doing this year to manage the list of to dos that come with the holidays? I would love to know your plan for focusing on what matters most.

Tips to manage holiday stress like get the kids to help.