Making family memories within the holiday preparations makes the holidays smoother and more special.

We were hosting all four grandparents for a major family gathering. It meant preparing ahead to be ready and involving the kids for help.

I do not have to do all the family visit preparations by myself. With older kids, one of the benefits is that they can be called into service. They can complete chores and extra tasks to prepare for the holiday events.

It not only teaches them how to prep for family and holiday gatherings. It also teaches them that they are useful and capable. The holiday preparations become part of the memory-making process.

Kids may resist when you ask them to help. The key is: I do not ask if they want to help. I let them know what I will need them to do, and by when. When they are done with their school work, they take care of their chores.

I shared about chores here, the whole family helping around the house here, and I share specifically how we worked together as a family here over on SpouseLink.

We prepped and were able to relax and enjoy the whole visit. I share exactly what we did to prepare together. The process allowed us to open up extra time. I was not on my feet the whole time running around.

We get to enjoy the gatherings and holidays too. There is no need to be anxious or stressed about the holiday season.

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Stress less and enjoy the holidays more.

What are you doing to plan and prep ahead for family events this holiday season?

Making special memories as a family starts with the holiday prep.