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How do you get kids to do chores? A system that works. This plan educated parents on chore chart implementation and has step-by-step videos for teaching your children to love to do chores. #sponsored

One evening after my husband came home from work, I scanned the house and was completely overwhelmed. There was a pile-no a mountain-of un-folded laundry on the couch, the dishwasher needed to be emptied and toys were scattered in a chaotic layer all over the family room floor. It was one of those days where the house looked like I had done nothing all day.

I said to my husband, “We don’t have enough adults in this house! I need someone to do the laundry, someone to cook dinner, and someone to clean up!”

We have always had our kids help clean up their toys. Starting at age 6 months old, when they could put things into a box, I encouraged cleaning up and praised the action. That does not mean my children have always cleaned up quickly or without the dreaded whining.

It takes a system that works to get kids to do chores.

I tried a chore chart, but often in the hustle of the day forgot to ‘x’ the boxes when the kids completed their jobs.

We kept the job list pretty consistent from day to day, so the older two always knew what they need to do. That does not mean they always wanted to do their jobs when we asked.  They also were not doing enough.

Our kids are at an age (the older two anyway) where they can take on more jobs around the house to help out and learn new skills.

I have always made a point of telling my kids, “It takes a lot of work to take care of kids and a house.” It is true! Even we stay-at-home moms cannot always get everything done every day. Add more kids to the mix, and you need those little hands to help!

How to Get Kids to do Chores: Step by Step

Since implementing a new chore plan with a system available online, the kids are asking to do chores rather than whining when I ask them to get their jobs done.

They are learning the 10-10-10 rule for saving, donating and spending. Learning financial responsibility is a key part of this system.

We have always incorporated money into our chore plans in the past. Money management is a lesson I need to teach my children. Paying them for their work gets money into their hands so they can learn. This new system helps me teach my children controlled spending. A lesson that is essential as they grow into adults.

When I started watching the training videos that are part of a new system to get kids to do chores, I was very interested. I was worried it would take a lot of time to learn this system, but it really is simple. (I even share 2 sneak preview videos you can view free to get started!)

The video tutorials are quick and detailed with exactly how to start to get kids to do chores and why the pieces all fit together. This solution teaches children work ethic and money management. (How awesome to have both tied together in this activity!)

I cannot keep up with four kids, a house and a husband all by myself many days. Children helping out is necessary for their learning and our family to function in a more balanced way.

How do you get kids to do chores? A system that works. This plan educated parents on chore chart implementation and has step-by-step videos for teaching your children to love to do chores. #sponsored

To get kids to do chores, you need to do 5 things:

  1. Fit the plan to your family’s needs.
  2. Explain the plan to the whole family together.
  3. Get the kids working.
  4. Reward the kids for their work.
  5. Teach kids to save, shop and spend responsibly.

It is not difficult to realize that these are important steps to get kids to do chores. It is the action step of implementing a chore system that can be tough.

Where do we start?

When do we start?

How do I motivate my kids to do chores when they don’t want to?

How do you get kids to do chores? The Moneypants Solution chore system for kids! #sponsored

The Moneypants Solution to Get Kids to do Chores

Funny name, but effective system!

My questions about how to get kids to do chores were all answered for me with The Moneypants Solution. It is like a parenting class that teaches you how to get kids to do chores. If you are not sure how to start a chore system in your house, this system will be so helpful!

I am a pretty organized person, but I was stumped at how to keep track of the kids chores, pay in a timely manner, and motivate my kids to get their work done without getting my “angry mom voice” out. The Moneypants Solution videos walked me through what chores to assign my kids, how to personalize the chores for each child, and even how to start teaching my toddlers to work as a part of the family during chore times. Gotta start ‘em young!

So how does The Moneypants system work?

Printable chore charts show the jobs and how much the child will earn by doing each job.

-Videos for the kids to watch that teach them how to do their jobs in a fun way.

-You inspect to see if the kids have completed their chores or jobs properly-and there is a printable “inspection checklist” to help the process. (This takes you away from being the “bad guy” because the kids can see the standards are on the checklist.)

I often tell my children, “If you are going to do a job, you need to do it well,” and The Moneypants Solution teaches this concept. No job is complete until a parent has inspected the task and approved that it has been completed well. Videos teach your children how to do their jobs well before they start.

How do you get kids to do chores? The Moneypants Solution chore system for kids! #sponsored

To illustrate this, my 5 year old was assigned to clean the bathrooms (with me). She actually asked to do this job. She knows how to spray and wipe, and she can mostly scrub the toilet, so with a little help, I knew she could learn to do this well.

The first time she attempted her job, she needed some guidance on spraying the cleaning solution so she was not using too much. Then, she wiped the counters willy nilly. It was not completely wiped when I inspected. She had to go back and try again. I had to guide her the whole way. She learned how to properly clean the bathroom, and was able to count that task as complete. The next time she cleans the bathrooms, she will be more independent.

Learning takes time. Since the jobs my kids are taking on were previously done by me, they will need a window of learning. This will require me to be closer while the younger ones work. In contrast, I can ask my 8 year old to take the garbage out, or go get the mail, or clean his room, and he can do it all well and when asked.

***Free Preview Videos***

Teach your child how to wash a car with this Moneypants Video Larry’s Car Wash.

Watch a free intro to The Moneypants Solution here.

Age is a factor, so the younger ones will need more guidance, and more of your time right away.

The Moneypants Solution video system is so helpful, because all of the pieces you need to get started are available right on their website. There are printable chore charts, and the videos guide you through setting this up simply in your home.

This program is a learning experience for us parents. It encouraged me to keep giving my children high expectations for their family participation. They need to learn these skills!

The Moneypants Solution includes information for adapting this system for toddlers. You can teach your toddlers to earn play time or movie time as a reward for completing tasks.

How do you get kids to do chores? A system that works. This plan educated parents on chore chart implementation and has step-by-step videos for teaching your children to love to do chores. #sponsored

Chores toddlers can do include:

  • Cleaning up their toys,
  • Wiping the baseboards,
  • Washing the table,
  • Putting groceries away,
  • Helping mop the floor,
  • Or feeding a pet (with guidance).

There is so much work we moms do in a day! Many of these jobs can be done by our children so they learn how, so we have help, so we can teach them how to earn money, and so we can encourage them to get excited about being hard workers.

In a great way, The Moneypants Solution emphasizes how caring for a home IS work and is valuable. It adds to the comfort and togetherness of the family as a whole. That is big stuff created by a bunch of small tasks throughout the day!

No Stress Guide to Getting Your Kids to do Chores

If you find implementing a chore chart system with your kids to be a bit scary or complicated, The Moneypants Solution breaks things down into easy steps. Once you get stared with the plan, the kids will want to work, they will want to help, and they will be eager to see how much they have accomplished in a week!

This chore system gives my kids the realization that they could be making more. If they miss a day of making their beds, they lose that reward. They could be earning more money for Legos and saving and donating to Sunday School by completing their jobs each day. Responsibility is built in to the system.

How do you get kids to do chores? The Moneypants Solution chore system for kids! #sponsored

What Chores Teach Kids

We don’t need to give our kids everything. We need to give them love, and teach them work ethic. They can earn money to buy that candy bar at the store, or that dollar aisle coloring book. Our no, is their opportunity to create their own yes.

That will drive them to learn, to help others, and to ultimately be financially mindful into their adult years.

I know by teaching my children the value of work, the importance of money management, and how important they are to our family, they will work hard and appreciate what they have.

Don’t stress trying to find the perfect chore chart system to get kids to do chores in your house. You can try The Moneypants Solution free. Get organized with their help, and set your children on a path to being responsible and helpful.

The Moneypants Solution even includes tips to follow better money management skills as parents. At times we can all use these tips!

Read more about the couple who created The Moneypants solution and their big family here.


How old were your children when you started having them do chores?

How do you get kids to do chores? A system that works. This plan educated parents on chore chart implementation and has step-by-step videos for teaching your children to love to do chores. #sponsored