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Make your own dryer sheets using an old t-shirt! All-natural DIY Dryer sheets eliminate harmful checmicals and are so easy to customize with great natural scents.

Have you read how harmful dryer sheets can be? I have been diving into learning more about the different chemical cleaners and how they are affecting our health. The good news? It is so easy to make DIY dryer sheets. It is not worth the effort of going to the store to buy more traditional  dryer sheets when your current supply runs out-you can make them at home in less time.

You need 3 supplies to make these DIY dyer sheets-and they work! I have tried them two ways, and will tell you what I discovered.

Make DIY Dryer Sheets


½ cup White vinegar

15 drops of essential oil

Glass jar with lid

8”x 8” pieces of cotton jersey fabric (Hint: I have a no-sew, tip for you!)

How to:

Cut up an old white cotton t-shirt into small pieces approximately 8”x 8” in size. You do not have to be exact!

Use a white cotton t-shirt to make No-Sew DIY Dryer Sheets that are all natural.

Place the pieces of cotton jersey into the glass jar.

In a measuring cup, measure the vinegar and drop in your desired essential oil. (I used Lavender for this batch of DIY Dryer Sheets.)

Pour the vinegar mixture over the fabric pieces in the jar.

DIY Dryer Sheets using an old t-shirt! All natural and no-sew.

Put the lid on the jar and let the liquid absorb into the cloth.

Using DIY Dryer Sheets:

I tried using these DIY Dryer Sheets two ways. One works better than the other.

First, I placed a damp dryer sheet into the dryer with a load of wet clothes. I ran the load as I long as needed, and the clothes came out of the dryer just fine, but I did not smell the essential oil.

Next, I dried a load of wet clothes on the desired setting without a dryer sheet. Before removing the clothes from the dryer I added a damp dryer sheet, set the load to run on the “air only” cycle for about 5 minutes, and the clothes came out smelling like the oil I used. Fresh, clean smell and no harmful chemicals!

How many of us have those old t-shirts that we are holding on to, or don’t want to just throw away? This is such a thrifty homemaking idea for upcycling those old cotton jersey t-shirts to give them new life and save us money.

Around our children, especially, it is helpful to start eliminating the cleaners that really are doing more harm than good in our lives. I am so thankful to have found essential oils to help support my family’s health and still give me the ability to use homemaking hacks that allow me to save money and time.

All-natural, no-sew, DIY Dryer Sheets made from an old t-shirt!

My recipe for DIY dryer sheets is based on an idea found on Pinterest. I had to alter how I used her idea to get the fresh clean smell I wanted with the essential oils, but what a simple way to make DIY dryer sheets!

You can grab a free printable recipe for DIY Dryer Sheets here.

What is your favorite homemaking hack to DIY? Share in the comments below.

Make all-natural DIY dryer sheets to save money and eliminate harmful chemicals from your home. You can use an old t-shirt for this no-sew version.