As moms, we sometimes do not feel like we are teachers. Teaching seems more detailed than being a mom. But, the fact is, every mom is a teacher whether you have a teaching degree or not.

I know many of us got thrown into teaching our kids with the pandemic. Some saw skills they did not know they had. Some felt so unprepared that they knew homeschooling was not for them. I know moms who felt both ways!

My mom friends will tell me, “You have a teaching degree, so teaching your kids come naturally for you.” I understand that there are little details learned that make that true. But, I want to help moms who feel they do not know how to teach their children.

I created a simple guide to help parents teach their children a learning activity.

How to teach a toddler activity free download guide for subscribers to the stay at home mom survival guide.

With this free printable you will know how to teach a toddler activity to your child! Simply follow the list of steps. The learning activity does the teaching. You just guide the flow. Easy!

>>>NOTE: Not a toddler parent? I have “How to Teach” guides for Preschool and Infant Activities too! You can get them through the same link below.

In a few simple steps you can prep and teach a toddler activity. How to Teach an Activity Free Printable Guides are available exclusively to you when you subscribe to my email newsletter.

Guide to How to Teach a Toddler Activity

The teaching guide can be easily printed and laminated. Or slip it into a page protector sleeve to keep it handy that way.

  • Each time you prepare an activity for your baby, you can see clearly the steps to take.
  • This will help you feel focused as a mom.
  • It will guide you through the essential steps to helping your toddler learn according to their abilities.
  • You will be teaching your toddler and feeling successful when you have that quality time together.

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