My oldest son just turned 16. He is extremely mature, and a great role model for his siblings. I want to do everything I can to teach him what is important for functioning as an adult these days. The important life skills for teens to learn is on our school agenda for the year.

I found a resource that is helping me build an entire high school life skills curriculum. I really want to be sure I send my kiddos into the world knowing how to “adult.” They need to know!

We have to prepare our kids for the real world. But, what are the most important life skills for teens? And, what can we do as parents to teach the lessons so they stick?

Did you know there was an action plan template to help your teen with this?  For all parents of teens, this is a must-read guide for you and your teens.

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Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults, by Maya Shine: Must-Read Guide for Parents 

As a mom of teenagers, I have a list of items that I am going to teach my children next year. These include setting up a budget, writing a resume, getting a job, cooking, sewing, and others.

I read a book that organizes all these skills in a step-by-step approach for teens. Before reading it, I was trying to figure out what are the best lessons I can teach my teens to prepare them for their adult life. Then, I read Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults! It is an action plan for teaching our teens the life skills they need to know.

I got a list of all the essential life lessons I want my teens to learn before they become adults.

The book lays it all out in order based on a hierarchy of skills and knowledge. This makes it perfect for creating a high school life skills curriculum for teenagers.

You can easily use this book to guide you on what to teach your teen before they go to college or move out to their own place. The book even teaches how to do that! It covers a comprehensive list of adult life skills. It is well organized and easy to understand for teens and young adults.

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Important Life Skills for Teens to Learn

Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults, by author Maya Shine, shatters the myths surrounding the challenges of adulthood. The book guides you through real-life stories, practical milestones, and thought-provoking questions. It will help your teen embrace a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

Specifically, your teen or young adult will learn how to:

  • Set clear goals and work to achieve them with purpose.
  • The 5WH method for self-reflection and problem solving. (This sets the book apart!)
  • Learn and use smart study skills.
  • Understand student federal and private loans.
  • Gain a clear understanding of how to succeed in the professional world.
  • Handle neurodiversity in the workplace for a successful professional journey.
  • Develop responsible financial habits to help avoid debt and achieve financial security.
  • Understand how to file taxes.
  • Tackle interpersonal conflicts confidently.
  • Ensure personal safety at home and online.
  • Unlock a healthier and more vibrant life.
  • Realize the value of a strong internal moral compass.

Here’s a sneak peak for you.

The cornerstone of the book is the overarching lesson of morality. The book guides teens to focus on their faith and let that lead them.

Incorporating the 5WH method of self-reflection and analysis the book guides teens to utilize smart strategies they can use in their adult life. The 5WH method will help them make smart decisions and reflect on their own actions that will help lead to personal growth.

Faith and our personal morals are what keep us on track whatever challenges we face in life. This book is an essential read for every parent of teens.

Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults by Maya Shine is available in paperback, ebook and audio book. There is a version for everyone.

The book is a must-give gift for graduation or birthdays for children in high school and college.

Get your copy today if you have teens or young adult children. You want to be sure you are teaching and guiding them with the practical life skills they need.

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The gift of independence is every parent’s wish to their kids. All of us want our children to grow and thrive. We want to teach them to know how to do all the things being an adult will require of them. Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults is the guide to follow.

How I Am Implementing Life Skills Curriculum

My plan for this fall is to teach my teens practical life skills, and focus on their interests and goals. This book has inspired me to use it as a life skills curriculum for my high schooler.

My plan is to have him read one chapter at a time. Then, he will complete an action step after. This will help him apply what the book is teaching, one chapter at a time.

For example, after reading the chapter on budgets, money, and saving, I will have him use this budget template to create his own budget. He can factor in his allowance and any part time job he gets as his income sources.

He has been a pet sitter and dog walker. That is all income he can use to create and learn about what a budget is and how to use one. Our teens do not need 5-figure incomes to learn about budgeting and spending wisely. It is a skill to learn before they have to manage larger amounts of income.

After reading the chapter on basic cooking skills, I will have my two older kids each plan a meal and cook the whole thing on their own. They will have my guidance and assistance as needed.

To start, my high schooler will read the chapter on healthy eating and simple cooking skills to gain knowledge. When he reads how simple it is to make rice, pasta, and scrambled eggs, he will be less intimidated to do it on his own. Applying what he reads will help the skills become secure. The action steps help us teach these life skills to our teens at home.

There is so much more covered in the book. I encourage you to read more about it on Amazon and get your copy.

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You will be equipping yourself as a parent by reading it.

If your child is resistant to reading a book you recommend, mention the book to their teacher. You can also get together with their friends’ parents and all plan to give the book to each child. Then, teach the lessons at home. That group reinforcement can help when getting your teen to participate.

We can be proactive to teach our teens important life lessons before they go out into the world as adults. Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults answers the question of what to teach and gives guidance on how to teach it too. It is the essential teen parents’ manual. You need a copy!

What life skills are you teaching your teen? What action steps are you using so the lessons stick?