Meal Planning Simplified


This is a downloadable pdf. The guide includes 8 weeks of dinner recipes for simple menu planning + a simplified shopping list at the end for organized grocery store trips.


Meal Planning Simplified is a system that works for families.  It makes life simpler.

Using the collection of 40+ recipes in this downloadable guide, you can easily plan your meal plan each week. It includes 2 months of dinners!

This helps cut down on takeout and ordering food. Both of those can be so costly!

The recipes in the download give you 8 weeks of healthful recipes that keep dinner interesting. All freeze well.

Each week for 8 weeks, you will be able to plan 5 dinner meals easily. There is room for leftovers built into the meal plans. That helps eliminate waste which saves money.

Side suggestions and any kid-modifications are noted too. This guide makes menu planning so easy!

Meal Planning Simplified

What you get in this meal plan guide:

  • 40+ recipes for weekly dinners
  • 8 weeks of meal prep inspiration
  • BONUS: Simplified Grocery Shopping List
  • Recipe inspiration to answer the question “What’s for dinner?” every night!

Purchase Meal Planning Simplified and you will have 1 day to download the guide for your use. Shopping List template page may be copied. All other pages are not reproducible.

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