60-Day Fitness Plan for Moms Bundle



  • 60 workouts designed by a former personal trainer
  • 9 weeks of meal plans that combine health and budget considerations
  • variety of exercises that can be customized for your fitness level
  • healthy meals for a two-prong approach to health
  • organized shopping list template
  • a focused, health plan to set and reach goals


You are never too late for a restart or a reset. Take this fitness plan for moms one day at a time. I want to give you a quick overview of what you get in the 6-Day Fitness Plan for Moms Bundle.

First. you will see 60 Workouts of the Day. They are clearly numbered to make it easy to print this guide out and place it in a binder. I like to slip the pages into plastic covers and use a dry erase marker to cross off each exercise as I complete it. Whatever works best for you, this plan of workouts will fit into any busy schedule. That is the beauty of it. You do not need fancy equipment or a gym membership to stick to this plan and feel healthier.

Second, you will find the meal planning guide. Meal Planning Simplified is a 9-week meal plan that is a perfect complement to the workouts. You have a two-prong plan to eat healthier and move your body every day to better health. These meal plans and workouts were designed to be modified for your exercise level. If you are just getting into a workout routine, stick with the lower number of repetitions. If you are already working out multiple days per week, start with the higher reps. The meals can be adjusted easily for any dietary needs.

Benefits of the Fitness Plan for Moms

  • Focused, streamlined workouts that target key muscle groups.
  • Workouts fit within the day of a busy moms
  • Workouts can be done without special equipment at home.
  • Split the workouts into sessions, or complete the entire day’s circuit at one time.
  • No need to spend gym fees or spend hours working out to get the effects.
  • Kids can workout with you,or fit it in during naptime.
  • Healthy meals planned out for 9 weeks
  • Kid-approved recipes to reduce meal planning stress
  • Feel more organized, healthy and balanced

Our family loves the meals and the meal plans ease stress over how to stick to a healthy plan for maximum health benefits.

Disclaimer: This is a meal plan and workout guide used by moms and now delivered to you for your benefit. We are not doctors and you should seek advice from your medical advisors before starting a new exercise program. Use your discretion. We are each different with different levels of fitness and needs. Be safe and use your best judgment as you work through these workouts.

Get action steps to health and balance with this 60-Day Fitness Plan Bundle! Purchase the download file now and access it immediately.


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