How to Host a Playdate (Ebook)


An ebook that guides you through the simple steps of how to organize a playdate to give your kids playtime and meet mom friends.


How to Host a Playdate will walk you through the simple steps to inviting other moms to a get together. It is an essential way to meet mom friends and give your kids playtime with other children.

The steps outlined in How to Host a Playdate give you options for location, activity ideas, and free printable info sheet + invitation template that you can customize and send out.

I have used this method to make friends at every new place we have lived. Being military and moving every three years means I have organized and hosted a lot of playdates! It has been a lifeline in the season of motherhood.

The first step to making friends is to meet them and How to Host a Playdate teaches you how to do that for you and your children.



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