Children can learn to read when they are ready. Of my 4 children, 2 could read before kindergarten and 2 could read by 2nd grade. The approach was the same. The preschool activities were the same. Children learn differently and at their own pace.

Making reading fun is the point of this letter sounds worksheet. It will teach preschoolers letter sounds but can be used in early kindergarten to reinforce reading skills.

I created it and used it with my children when they were 4-5 years old. We did a lot of preschool learning at home. It is not something that requires expensive curriculum. This frog jump letter sounds worksheet is a simple activity to teach letter sounds.

Worksheet image shown. Text reads letter sounds and spelling practice worksheet. Learn to spell cvc words.

Letter Sounds Worksheet for CVC Words

The letter sounds worksheet combines reading and writing skills. Make sure your child knows their letter sounds and how to write them before doing this activity. It is normal for a child to be in kindergarten before they can say the letter sounds and write the alphabet.

Try this alphabet poster and this alphabet tracing activity. They will get your child ready for reading and writing letters and words.

Then, after doing the frog jump CVC worksheet, try these CVCe word games to expand your child’s spelling and reading knowledge.


Craft stick

Frog sticker

CVC worksheet download

Frog jump the letter sounds cvc worksheet available for download.

How We Used the CVC Worksheet

First, to make this activity even more fun, create a pointer with the craft stick. Stick a little frog sticker or draw a simple frog on the end of the stick. This is the frog that will jump the letter sounds. It makes the visual and activity more engaging for little kids.

Show your child the hat. Point to the word and picture and say this word says hat and this is a picture of a hat. Hat is spelled h-a-t. Make the frog pointer jump to the letters as you say them. Then, make the letter sounds while pointing to each letter with the pointer.

You are emphasizing the spelling and sounding out of the word.

Then, go to #2 and do the same steps. Continue with #3.

For the writing section, your child will say the name of the picture and then sound out the letters to spell the word. For the first one, you can say, “What is this a picture of?” Then let your child respond. Then say, “We can say the letter sounds and write them in the boxes. Can you sound out how to spell the word bag? (Help your child if they need it.)

Your child will write one letter in each box to spell the word for all three pictures.

How to teach a preschool activity free download.

Preschool Learning at Home

This activity is just one of a collection of learning games and ideas in the SAHM Guide Shop. You can download the worksheet here.

For a whole collection of free learning activities for preschool and pre-k, check out the preschool at home page or these preschool learning activities.

Mom seated with daughter; daughter is completing a worksheet. Text reads frog jump letter sounds reading and spelling practice CVC worksheet.