When your children are falling behind on schoolwork, you have to take action. Staying on top of what they are learning is just one more job we moms have to do. Homeschooling has taught me humble lessons on how to help my children when they need to slow down.

We will cover tutoring services and free tutoring online, what you can do at home, and how to be sure your child is in the best school for their learning needs.

If Your Child Needs Tutoring

Free Tutoring Services

Take advantage of free tutoring online. Edtutorial offers tutoring services for grades k-6th. This is exactly the age when my children needed remedial teaching to stay on grade level with math. Educational Tutorial Services is your resource for nationwide tutoring. Find a tutor for your child during summer school or for special needs throughout the school year.

Carolina Complete Health offers free, virtual tutoring with free tablets, to K-6 Members. Sign up here.

It is important as a parent to always know you have options. No matter what your household income, there is cost-effective and free online tutoring. Read about Edtutorial tutoring services for more information.

Taking Steps at Home to Teach Your Child

When I noticed my children falling behind in math, I followed a list of steps to get them on track. I have to stay on top of their progress as a parent. I try to notice right away when their learning or comprehension is not moving forward.  These are signs that they need to relearn.

If your child goes to school have a conversation with the teacher about what they are seeing. If you homeschool, take a look at how you are teaching.

Then, stop with forward progress and look for resources to teach the topic your child is struggling to learn. For us with math, I started a full review year this year with my twins. I noticed that some concepts in their grade level were not sticking.

This may seem extreme, but it helped me make sure that the kids had a solid foundation. We took about half of the school year to review. Lesson by lesson they felt more confident because the work started off very easy. Building confidence is a great thing!

If doing extra homework is not working, it may be time to evaluate your school choice.

The Best School for Your Child

As a former classroom teacher and current homeschool mom, I have seen all sides of the education system. Now, as a homeschool mom I see how homeschooling or private schools have so many options. There is not a one-size-fits all approach to schools.

Our kids are all different, and they all need some level of learning before adulthood. How they receive and achieve that learning is more flexible than we think.

I detail all the school options I have discovered over multiple states in my book A Parent’s Guide to School Choice. My children have used various school options. And, there are more options than I knew about!

Our children do not need to be pushed harder when they are falling behind in school. They just need a reevaluation of what they are struggling to learn. We need to focus on how we can help as parents. That may be finding a virtual tutor. There is also the chance that our child needs a different school choice.

In A Parent’s Guide to School Choice you will have all the school options at your fingertips. I include guidance on how to handle things if your child is falling behind in school. You will get a quick reference chart to help you find what school choice best aligns with your family’s values.

Through all of these options, we can take our children’s education into our hands. Our children can succeed even if they are facing learning challenges right now. Start with free tutoring services online from Carolina Complete Health, then try teaching them at home.

Look for the best school choices you can make for your child. You can empower your child to learn.

Child wearing headphones is seated at a computer working on school work. Text reads free and virtual tutoring services plus tips for what to do if your child is falling behind in school.