It felt like a personal failure. Looking at my daughter’s academic assessment at the end of the year made me feel like I had failed as a parent. I want my children to find and use their strengths, but there is so much that they have to learn in the school years. Although it is challenging, we have to get creative to make sure our children do not get so far behind that catching up becomes overwhelming. There are steps to help your child when they are behind in school.

We don’t always get to pick the best schools for our children. We are limited in our school choice by location and finances. That sometimes means our kids do not get the best school experience. 

As proactive parents, there is a lot we can do to support our children through challenging times when they begin falling behind in school. There are interventions we can take to support our children through tough academic seasons. The most important goal for our children is to focus on doing their best. We can help them find their strengths and thrive because of them. 

Helping Your Child When They are Behind In School

I put together my 6 steps to help your child when they are behind in school from the perspective of sharing with the military community. But, 5 of these 6 steps apply to non-military families as well.

Be proactive. Your child’s education is not lost.

Every child can learn, has skills, and can succeed. We just need to be aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and work with them as a team to help support their academic success. The more involvement we have in our children’s academic life, the better success they will achieve. 

Read the full list of action steps you can take to support your child’s academic success over on Spouselink.

Dad helping son with school work. Text reads steps when your child is falling behind. Six tips for helping your child when they are falling behind in school.