Science kits that contain thorough experiments help teach big concepts in ways kids can grasp. We have walked you through two previous Generation Genius science kits. This one was the third experiment that came in our Generation Genius kit. These kits are a gift idea for kids who love science.

Anyone else over the gifts that get used one time and then get shoved in a closet or onto a shelf? I know we want our kids to feel loved. Giving a child a science kit, gives them a way to explore science concepts with hands-on projects. The beauty of the Generation Genius science kits is they come with video instructions. These videos have a couple special features to make the activities a great gift idea for kids who love science.

We have used other subscription boxes, and reviewed a few of them here on the blog. From Kiwi crates, to Ivy Kids Kits, Generation Genius Kits are unique for school age kids.

Gift Idea for Kids Who Love Science

As a homeschool mom, I like activity kits that the kids can work through without a lot of extra guidance from me. I teach them all day, and activity kits are for a break. Just being honest. 😊 The science kits are very easy for children in grades 3 and up to open, organize, and work through with parental supervision But you do not need to hover.

Contents of the Generation Genius Science kit that comes with three experiments for school age kids and middle school kids. Gift idea for kids who love science.
Phone streaming video instructions that are a perk of Generation Genius science kits.

I helped my 12-year-old set up the video instructions. After, she worked through the experiment making DIY hot and cold packs on her own.

The kids get a break from me and get to explore something all on their own. It teaches them independence and resourcefulness.

Of course, you know your child best. If you need – or want – to work through these experiments with them, please do. We want every child to be safe.

Hot and Cold Pack Experiments

My middle schooler worked through this experiment on her own. It is always special when the kids can have something just for them. Our kids have to share a lot, so alone time is special for them.

Middle schooler working through the steps to make DIY hot and cold packs in the Generation Genius science kit fit for kids who love science.
Child watching video instructions to complete the DIY hot and cold packs experiment.

Making hot and cold packs was the DIY process she followed in this Generation Genius kit. It was a treat watching her observe the experiments as she performed each step.

She was able to clearly follow the video instructions. I set up my phone so she could watch the process as she went along. The auto-pause feature on the video instructions was helpful. She could complete each step with time to refocus.

DIY hot and cold packs experiment.

The accessibility of these science kits is really of great value. The experiments teach clearly to elementary aged kids, middle school kids and high school kids. They are a great gift idea for kids who love science, activity kits or DIY activities. Perfect gift idea for kids this holiday season.

Pick your Generation Genius kit and help your child gain a meaningful, fun learning experience.

Gift Idea for Kids Who Love Science