Multiple children can explore hands-on science experiments with video-based instructions in a Generation Genius science kit.

You can always count on science kits for kids to engage the kids in hands-on learning that feels like fun. We love doing science experiments at home. Since my children were preschool age, we made volcanoes, explored science using egg shells, and now we dive into interesting science units.

As I plan the next school year of enrichment for my children, I was on the lookout for a great science kit for kids. Learning the scientific method and experiment procedures is something I want my children to experience.

We tried out Generation Genius science kits for kids. I just have to share the video my daughter made! I love seeing the kids’ talents and interests develop as they get older.  Let’s dive into the Generation Genius box to start. Then, I will share how our first experiment went.

Here is a quick little unboxing video for you to see all that came in our box.

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Generation Genius Science Kit for Kids: Unboxing

In our kit, we received supplies to complete three experiments. Included with Generation Genius science activity boxes are video-based instructions. You can also read through the steps to each science activity. The versatility allows you more flexibility.

Kids can sort and organize the experiments in our science kit for kids from Generation Genius.
Unboxing of a Generation Genius science kit for kids.

We started with Experiment 16. Every kit is unique. The science boxes are created for children in elementary school, middle school and high school. Children in multiple grades can work on an experiment together. The kids can also pick an experiment to do on their own.

Children of a variety of ages can work together on the science kit experiments for kids.

Always supervise, but older kids will be able to work through these experiments pretty independently. Use your discretion as a parent.

Generation Genius Science Activity Kit Experiments

Our Generation Genius kit came with 3 separate experiments. I will share about the first experiment we did here. Stay tuned to the blog via email to gain access to the other two experiments we explored. I will share those in future blog posts.

Generation Genius science kits come with video-based step-by-step instructions.
Video-based instructions make these science kits for kids very accessible.

The kids opened the box and divvied up the supplies on their own. I set up my phone with the video instructions ready to go. Since my children were 12 and 9 at the time they worked through their kit, they were pretty independent. I was nearby to supervise and help as needed.

What We Loved About Our Science Kits in A Box

1) The video instructions start off with safety tips. This was a helpful part to set the children up for success. Hearing the tips from the online speaker was a good start so they were mindful of the tips for success.

2) The video-based instructions are so helpful. As a homeschool mom the video allowed me to have a little break from doing the teaching. If you do not homeschool, the video makes everything so simple. No need to read through a ton of instructions or have a teachers guide.

Kids from ages 8 on up can work together to do the experiments in a Generation Genius science kit for homeschool or after school enrichment.

3) The kits are like a science classroom in a box. I know my children were getting thorough instruction on the science concepts. The “why” questions were answered in the experiments the kids completed.

4) Simple format that walks through every step. My children had no trouble following the video. It has an auto-pause feature that is nice for status-checks and for kids who do not like to feel rushed. You can turn that feature off as well.

Experiment 16 in our Generation Genius science experiments in a box.

5) All of the information was completely appropriate for children from 9 years old on up. I thought the explanations were thorough, but not over the kids’ heads.

Kids working on experiments from Generation Genius science kits.

Overall, I was very impressed by the Generation Genius science kit, the instruction formats, the ease of use and the break it gave me. 😉

Best Uses for Generation Genius Science Kits

The science kits for kids are so helpful whether you homeschool or not. They make great summer boredom busters. If your child is really interested in science, the kits are a perfect gift for kids who love science. Science teachers could use them, summer camo instructors, and moms at home.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate safe, effective science learning at home whether as part of your school day or after school, I highly recommend getting your own Generation Genius science kit. >>Check out the science kits for kids.<<

Generation Genius science kit for kids with 3 experiments included.

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When you get your kit, let me know what you think of it!

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What ways have you explored science concepts at home with your children? Leave a comment below with any suggestions you have.

For homeschool or after school, Generation Genius science kits for kids are thorough and hands-on in their set up.