Twin toddlers! A main asset was keeping them engaged in positive activities through hands-on learning. Play and Grow for Toddlers delivers toddler activities right to me for 8 weeks! So much easier than searching for them on my own.

Parents of toddlers know that keeping the attention of a toddler can be a challenge. We have so much power to teach toddlers learning activities to help them focus and work through a game or activity. But, this takes a lot of repetition and patience on our parts.

This is one of the main reasons I love the Play and Grow for Toddlers activity bundle. It is launching soon!

The activity pack for toddlers keeps me accountable. It does triple duty for toddler parents!

3 Benefits of Play and Grow for Toddlers Learning Activities

Hands on Learning

Toddlers benefit from hands-on learning. It engages their whole body: fine motor, gross motor and cognitive. This keeps their minds and bodies engaged on the activity. That is what makes it feel fun for them.

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Have you noticed your toddler likes to stand while coloring, or rolls and moves while doing a puzzle? They are engaging their whole body in the learning and play process.

Some toddlers do this more than others.

My twins moved much more than my older two kiddos. Every night at the dinner table, the twins would eat their small helping. Then like clockwork they would get up, take all their clothes off – both of them – and be silly walking around the main floor of the house. Every night from the time they were 2 years old until 3 when we started to encourage them to sit longer.

It was a cute little “twin thing” that entertained us all. It also allowed me to sit and eat my meal which we moms know is a rare thing during that stage of life!

I let them be silly for a time and then had to teach them that we do need to have manners and sit at the table. This story just illustrates a toddlers’ need to MOVE! Play and Grow toddler activities allow for that whole body learning.

Easier for Moms and Dads

Play and Grow for Toddlers makes life easier for moms and dads of toddlers. Your toddler gets unique and fun learning activities. You get to feel that fulfillment from engaging your child in learning.

That is so special as a parent! To see your child engaged and having fun – whole learning valuable skills – is amazing.

To be able to stay consistent with this is a great way to keep the family in balance. My free download for subscribers, the Successful Day Checklist, outlines this exact fact.


When we engage our children in learning activities – even in short doses when they are infants and toddlers – it provides them many benefits.

  • We get quality time together.
  • They learn and are encouraged in their development.
  • Plus, when children’s brains are engaged – not just passively taking in tv or apps – their mood and behavior is guided in a positive direction.

Encourages Positive Behavior

Children who are encouraged to learn and play in an active way are better behaved. That is a win-win for toddlers and their parents!

Your toddler learns more than you think. When we provide a learning activity for a toddler that engages their mind, engages their body, and promotes quality time with us, they not only learn but they develop a strong attachment to us. This is a key to raising mentally strong and healthy children!

Children having fun with learning and associating that learning with strong family bonds leads to a desire to continue learning. When we always give our child an activity and walk away, they have to complete it alone. They do not have that association between love and learning.

This starts even when we just simply read to our children. The love of learning grows from these types of interactions that Play and Grow for Toddlers provides.

Toddler Play and Grow Activity Bundle

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Play and Grow for Toddlers Learning Activities Tips

They all work together to help us stay in balance at home and provide a loving environment for our families.

What are the benefits you have seen when you do activities with your toddler at home?

Benefits of a quality activity program for toddlers. Toddler curriculum guide that is easy to use, for parents and caregivers and very affordable.