Big News! For 11 years now I have been sharing learning activities for kids here on the blog. I am thrilled to announce today is LAUNCH DAY of my toddler activities program Play and Grow for Toddlers!

Play and Grow for Toddlers provides learning, play and quality time with your toddler all rolled into one.

We all know how much time and focus toddlers require! Play and Grow for Toddlers is a tool you can use to keep your toddler playing and learning in a positive way.

Play and Grow for Toddlers gives you 20 activities to create intentional time with your toddler. It is a fun and engaging experience to build connection with your toddler while promoting essential milestones.

With Toddlers Play & Grow Activity Time Bundle you will receive developmentally appropriate learning activities for toddlers that will enhance the quality time you spend with your toddler.

Toddler Play and Grow Activity Time Bundles gives you access to 20 toddler activities with full instructions to create intentional time with your child at home.

What is Play and Grow for Toddlers?

  • A new, bundle experience designed for parents to connect with their toddler and promote their child’s development.
  • Get access to 20 fun, hands-on activities designed to nurture connection, creativity and cognitive development.
  • Time commitment is as little as one hour a week.
  • Parents will be paired with a small group who share the same passion and will be able to share their experience with each other along the way
  • For $19.99 and some additional investment in supplies for activities (you may have some supplies around the house already) you will have a collection of learning activities and quality time with your child.
Toddler Play and Grow Activity Bundles Launches Soon! Get on the access list to be notified when it releases.

When does Play and Grow for Toddlers start?

  • Program launches on September 1, 2023.
  • You can enroll TODAY to get notified when the bundle launches.

Who can benefit from signing up for Play and Grow?

This is a great option for parents at home. It is a helpful tool for parents who work outside of the home all week and want to enhance their time with their child. This program is a wonderful option for grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren. Babysitters or daycare caregivers who want to engage toddlers in structured but appropriate learning activities can use this program easily too.

This initial roll-out will have limited slots available BUT you can sign up now!!

When this group fills up, a wait list will start for the next group. So you will be the first to know when the next group opens up!

How do I enroll in Play and Grow for Toddlers today?

If you are caring for toddlers, sign up TODAY to get in on this!!

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If you are not a toddler parent or caregiver, please share this email with your friends and family! We all know moms, dads and caregivers in our lives who could benefit from these toddler activity ideas.

Thank you for sharing this so all parents and caregivers can gain access to the exclusive launch group!! I know toddlers can be tricky but engaging their brains helps parents and caregivers make this stage a fun one.

That is the goal: parents and caregivers appreciating the time with their toddlers.

Sign up for Play and Grow for Toddlers today.

Save your spot for the 8-week toddler activity program called Play and Grow for Toddlers.