List of best books for babies!

Reading to our babies is so important. Babies have a unique attention span linked very much to their need for food and sleep frequently throughout the day. The best books for babies will lead you to great choices.

Reading a book to your baby will be more about repetition, hearing language, and most importantly closeness to YOU. These are the best books for babies that I read to all 4 of my kiddos when they were teeny tiny infants.

Best Books for Babies

Where is Baby’s Belly Button

I read this book over 1,000 times I am sure of it! The bold print, simple sentences and peek-a-boo features made this book great for infants and toddlers. It is a great book that grows with your child.

Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle is the epitome of a children’s book creator. Colorful, bold artwork along with the fun patterning story of the most famous caterpillar ever is a fave for babies and toddlers.

We had this one in a board book and in a hardcover. It was one of the best books for babies-or toddlers, or preschoolers-that we have read.

Crinkle Books/Taggie Books

These are so good for the littlest ones. The sensory exploration creates early reading behaviors and makes “books” interactive for little ones with even the shortest attention spans. You could even DIY taggie books! Or, take a look at these touch and feel board books.

Amazing Baby Soft Teether Book

Since I learned a lesson or two after having my first baby, when baby 2 was on the way I knew I wanted more soft books. They are the best books for babies under 6 months old, hands down.

Hard board books can be a bit tough for little babies to handle until they are able to grasp, hold and put things down. That being said, you can still read board books to your baby, but soft teether books are a great interactive toy.

Black and White Contrast Books

Look, Look by Peter Linenthal or Black & White by Tana Hoban are two favorite books for babies in this category. Until babies are about 3 months old or so, their vision is black and white. High contrast books engage the mind and attention of an infant.

We make DIY contrast cards for this reason too. My husband was the creative genius with these!

DK Animals Touch and Feel

Any time you can engage a child’s senses in learning, higher brain power will be achieved. Children are naturally hands-on learners, so hands-on books that get babies touching and feeling are great.

We love the Animals Touch and Feel book. It is chunky and durable for babies and toddlers. One of baby’s favorite books for sure.

First 100 Words

This book will seem so monotonous when you point and read one word at a time, but it really exposes fresh minds to word/image connections. A child’s brain more easily learns to read with exposure to words and books at an early age.

This is a great tool for babies to be exposed to reading and works great for toddlers and preschoolers too!

Babies First Bible Stories

In our house sharing about God and faith starts from infancy. Reading the great stories of the Bible engages kids in the wonder of God’s world and their excitement of being in it.

This is a super durable condensed version of the Bible’s most engaging stories for children.

Goodnight Moon

This book is a classic and deserves a place on every childhood bookshelf. The simple story perfect for bedtime reading is still calming to my kids. I admit, I like it too no matter how many times we have read it over the years.

This list of best books for babies were favorites in my house. I read them to my own children throughout the years. They are quality books that jump-started a love of books and reading for my eager readers.

I hope they will be a fun addition to your nursery bookshelf and bring years of reading time together.

What books are your favorites to read to your baby?

Great list of the best books for babies!