Toddlers Play and Grow Guide is available now! Get 20 days of developmental activities for toddlers, lesson plans, supply lists and even book recommendations for each activity in one helpful guide.

After teaching toddlers in child care centers, and developing play-based curricula to encourage toddler growth and development, I used the same ideas and activities with my own children when I became a stay-at-home mom. Quality time is so important. Time for one-on-one interaction is precious. That is the goal you will achieve when you incorporate Toddler Play and Grow activity guide into your schedule.

They are flexible to fit in where you have time. They can be made and used over and over again. That will provide you with more value from each activity and it enhances the learning for your toddler.

Taking the time to build relationships with your children is vital. I am excited to support you along the way through this activity pack. You do not want to miss out on creating these memorable one-on-one experiences with your child. They grow so quickly! Being intentional with the time we are home with our toddlers is important.

Let’s break it all down so you see the tools you will receive when you purchase the Toddler Play and Grow guide. You can view the details in the video below, or continue reading this article.

Toddler Play and Grow Activity Guide

Toddler Play and Grow is an activity guide for parents, caregivers, grandparents and playgroup leaders to encourage learning through play. We all know toddlers need to be guided towards using their hands to learn and explore in positive ways or else we end up with messes all over the house.

What Toddler Play and Grow is is a helpful tool for you to use with your toddler. It takes a toddler’s natural curiosity and expands on it with activities designed to encourage learning in all developmental domains. Even more simply, it builds the relationship you have with your toddler through quality time.

Building that connection is what parents or caregivers and children need most these days. When we do an activity alongside our toddlers, we build their self-esteem while teaching them to love learning.

With this activity guide you will gain a plan for fitting in intentional time with your child while helping them play and grow to their next developmental milestone. You will be equipped with this 20-day activity plan, to encourage learning, connection and relationship at home with your toddler. It is a tool for quality time with your toddler.

Graphic with all the details of what is included in the Toddler Play and Grow Activity Time Guide.

What You Get with The Toddler Play and Grow Activity Guide

Let’s cover all the elements packed in to Toddler Play & Grow. Here are the details.

Toddler Play and Grow is for parents, caregivers, grandparents, babysitters, teachers and playgroup leaders of 2-3 year old children.

The 20-activity guide will help:

  • Build connection between the parent or caregiver and the child.
  • Promote developmental milestones.
  • Create an intentional plan for parents to connect with their toddler.

Toddler Play and Grow answers the question, “What can I do with my toddler?”

The approach of Toddler Play and Grow is:

  • Blend of activities
  • Skills will develop across developmental areas
  • Activities are created to be reused multiple times, so you gain more value out of this activity pack.

Toddler Play and Grow Includes:

  • 20-day, experience to build connection with your toddler while promoting essential milestones
  • Full Lesson Plans for Daily or Weekly Play
  • How to Teach a Toddler Activity Guide Sheet
  • Full Supply List for Prep Ahead
  • Suggested Books for Every Activity that coordinate with the skill or theme of each activity.
  • Guidance for Parents and Caregivers to Feel Equipped
Toddler Play and Grow Activity Time. 20 Days of activities to help your toddler play and grow by the Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide.

How to Use Toddler Play & Grow Activity Guide

This program is flexible so you can do the activities once a day or prepare multiple so your child can work on them like learning centers. Do one activity per day or a couple each week. Weekly activity plans are included, but activities are listed individually as well.

Toddler Play & Grow Activity Guide is great for home use. The activities can also be used as an affordable toddler curriculum in child care settings. Playdates and birthday parties will be even more enjoyable for little ones with Toddler Play & Grow activities available.

The value of this guide is endless. Toddler parents and caregivers will gain resources, ideas and support for teaching toddlers and encouraging them. Your toddler will learn essential skills for development, and you will build the relationship you have with your toddler. That is a win for everyone!

Reviews of Toddler Play and Grow Activity Time

Check out the review shared by Alyssa of Teaching with Faith. She shared her experiences using Toddler Play and Grow with her children at home.

If you have tried Toddler Play and Grow with your toddlers at home, please leave a review here. We love hearing from you!

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Once you use it with your toddler, stop back and share your favorite moment from the experience. I can’t wait for you to use the toddler activities with your child. Enjoy your time with your toddler.

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