My very first year of full-time homeschooling was chaotic. I had two preschoolers to wrangle while trying to teach my two older children. The juggling act made me feel overwhelmed daily. Young children have limited attention spans and putting them on a screen to keep them occupied is not my first step. My plan to find balance in our homeschool was to create a list of activities that only require one supply.

These one-item activities for preschool kids teach developmental skills but reduce your prep time. You can set these learning activities up as baskets or learning centers for the young kids. They will allow you to focus on the big kids.

Read the one item activity ideas for little kids in the Homeschool Quest magazine. I use it as a homeschooling strategy. It helps me set up an activity for the little kids so I can focus on the big kids.

If you don’t homeschool, these activities that only need one supply are great for keeping littles busy and teaches them developmental skills too.

View the one item activity ideas on The Homeschool Quest Magazine. You can read the whole issue for free for great family management and kids activity ideas.

Then, browse the one item activity series for even more ways to get creative with kids without spending a lot of money.

This is a mom strategy for balance. Set up simple activities as part of your preschool from home. Then, you have time to focus on school age activities for the older kids.

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