My kids love working through these activity and craft kits based on the included children's book. They are able to be used many times and teach valuable learning objectives too. Great gift idea for kids!
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Finding the right gifts for kids, within a budget, can be hard. We want to give our children things that they want and at the same time we want that to be money well-spent. How we spend our money is important. My children have bins of toys, and we sort through them twice a year (at Christmas and at their birthdays) to donate some and trash what is broken and unable to be fixed.

My husband and I want to spend our money on things that will last-that will entertain and last longer than five minutes. Of course we like to give our children things that they will enjoy too.

Learning activity and craft kits from Ivy Kids are a great unique gift idea for kids.
I told you about Ivy Kids book-based activity and craft kits for kids back when creator and SAHM Taseea Cruz asked me to review a couple of kits prior to her launching Ivy Kids earlier this year. That review is the 2nd most popular post on this blog! Many of you are enjoying the Ivy Kids kits as much as my family does. The kits last longer than one try of each activity or craft. They teach valuable skills that children ages 3-8 need to learn. It is “preschool in a box”! 

I recently had the chance to try out another kit with my 6 1/2 year old (first grade) and 3 1/2 year old (preschool). The moment they saw the green Ivy Kids box, they were asking me non-stop when they could try out the activities.

This kit covered Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. That is a favorite book in our home, and the fun learning activities included were very engaging. They all come with detailed instructions and extension ideas when you have children of different ages. The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kit came with a real coconut shell to observe. My 6 1/2 year old really enjoyed the lesson that explored the scientific method with a fun experiment using the coconut shell. (Big science lessons in simple age-appropriate activities!)
If you have a child who is Preschool age, in Kindergarten, or First grade, I highly recommend these activity and craft kits. They are perfect for homeschooling since the concepts taught are universal.

Fun book-based activity kits from Ivy Kids are like preschool in a box. Great for mixed age groups at home, in daycares or at playdates. My kids love these kits.
Many supplies and activities in the kits can be used multiple times. We even have some games from the first two boxes we explored back in May for the books Jump Frog Jump and Mouse Paint and my older two still take them out to play with months later. This is a unique Christmas or birthday gift for young children and is phenomenal if you homeschool, supplement learning at home after school, run a home daycare or just like structured play dates for the kids. You will not be disappointed.

For more information on Ivy Kids activity and craft kits, you can check out their website. To learn more about how Taseea Cruz started Ivy Kids LLC with tips about starting a home-based business for stay-at-home moms, you can read a guest post she shared on the blog here.