What a treat to teach our children skills and abilities! We have so much power and influence to help them succeed.  This preschool learning alphabet order activity is one of the activities we used in our preschool at home curriculum. Learning the alphabet is a fundamental skill and teaching it in a fun way is a great quality time activity to do together.

Let’s dive in to the supplies you will need for this preschool activity that teaches alphabet order. So easy to set up and each step is a fun learning activity for your child.

Teaching Letters: Preschool Alphabet Order Activity


Large posterboard (cut in half)

Alphabet letters (A-Z) (We used wooden letters from the craft store, but you can use plastic letters.)

Tissue paper squares (Pre-cut or cut your own. Best if they are a different color than the posterboard.)

Glue stick

Paint (Optional for painting the wooden letters.)

This activity can be completely pre-made by you. But, if you are willing, the steps to make it actually are valuable learning activities for your preschooler too! You get to decide.

Step 1: If you are using the wooden letters, set up an area for your child to paint them. I think it is funny that my daughter who was 3 at the time chose black and white paint. You can see this in the video of us starting the activity a little further down in this post.

Step 2: While the letters dry – or if you do not paint – cut the large piece of posterboard in half. You can fold it (hamburger fold) and cut along that line.

Step 3: Count out 26 pieces of tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper squares onto the posterboard piece in straight rows. This can be done by your child with your help. Point where each square goes (see video) and the action of putting the glue onto the posterboard and sticking the tissue paper piece onto it I all great fine motor skills work.

The tissue paper pieces should be placed in rows with a little space in between. They do not have to be perfectly aligned. This is to give the child an association of each letter coming in an order.

Step 4: When the glue is dry, arrange the letters next to the poster. If your child does not already know the letters, arrange the letters in order. Then you can point to the letter after you sing it. And your child can place it on the poster. If they know how to identify their letters or some of them, they can be mixed around.

Step 5: Sing through the ABC song with your child. As you say each letter, point to a tissue square. You can see how I did it in the video. The first square will be where A goes, second square is where B goes, etc.

Then sing the ABC song one letter at a time. So just sing A and help your child locate A and place it on the first square. This preschool learning alphabet order activity reinforces letter order, reading skills like the left-to-right orientation and flow, and fine motor skills.

So easy to use over and over again. We always used our preschool activities multiple times. The repetition is so good for solid learning.

I saved our learning activities with this organization tip. You can view my entire Semi-Homemade Preschool at Home Curriculum for more ideas to teach free preschool at home.

How is your child doing with learning letters and alphabetical order? Any fun games that you have tried?

Child playing with plastic letters and smiling. Text reads preschool alphabet order pre-reading activity for learning letters, letter order and pre-reading skills.