Can you relate to this? It’s the end of the day. You have been trying to get the kids ready to go to sleep. You are exhausted from the day, but the kids are asking you to read to them. Making bedtime stories more fun is hard on those days.

As parents, we all have those moments that cause us to dig deep for the energy to do special bedtime reading with our children. But, there is a way to make storytime more fun even on the days when you are tired. And, it may just add some special quality time to your bedtime routine.

Storytime Help for Bedtime

I have heard that so many parents have stopped reading to their children at bedtime. We are all tired at the end of the day. We tell the kids to read quietly or look at books in their bed. And, we still have to try to get some quiet time for ourselves.

Deep down we know that does not create a loving connection. It does not help the children calm down at bedtime. It actually just makes them upset.

We all want to try our best to start and end our days on a positive note. There is a reading resource to help. I found an app that increases a child’s reading engagement. When our children want to listen to bedtime stories, it makes our reading time easier.

Reading together is very important quality time. Readmio is a new tool that makes each bedtime story a more meaningful and fun experience.

To simplify bedtime and build the connection with your child, use Readmio app to tell a bedtime story in a way you never have before.

Readmio Creates Dynamic Storytime

Reading bedtime stories for kids, teaches the association of love and books. The experience of reading together can lead to mental health and family connection.

Encouraging children to read is a key to academic achievement and developing attention span.

I love reading books to the kids, but I know not all parents feel this is their skill. If you are not comfortable reading out loud to your kids, the Readmio app can help!

How to Use the Readmio App for Reading to Your Child

The app can read stories to your child, or you can record yourself reading the stories and save them to your personal app dashboard. Then, your child can listen to you reading a story to them. Or, you can listen together.

This is an incredible app for parents who travel a lot. They can record several stories. When they are away, the child can listen and hear the parents’ voice reading bedtime stories.

I think about how valuable this is since my husband has been in the military. When he deploys we can have books pre-recorded for the kids to hear before bed. They can listen to a recorded story just to hear dad’s voice.

We used to use books recorded on CDs for this. Technology has made recording stories even easier with Readmio app. (Teachers in early childhood classrooms could use this too!)

Readmio activity options after reading.

Added Activities After Reading

On each story page in the app, you have the option to listen to the story, read the story (and record yourself doing so) plus extra activities that go with the story. These printable activities with each story give you even more benefit for learning.

This extends your ability to create a read aloud time at home. If you homeschool, or teach preschool at home, you essentially hold a reading curriculum in your hands with Readmio.

One of my favorite learning activities to do with the kids is read books out loud together. Even my older kids like sitting and listening to me read. It gives us that quality time and calms everyone down.

Although this happened a lot more when the kids were little, it still happens frequently due to homeschooling.

I can read a story, or have the kids listen to my recorded story. Then, I can print out the included book-based activities. This extends the story and adds to learning more about morals and lessons.

Each story gives you the topics it touches on. You can search for stories based on themes too. This is helpful if you are teaching about a particular topic and want a story to help share the concept.

There are age categories and topic categories which make it easy to find stories to teach any concept at an age-appropriate level. If you want to find a story for girls, you can use the search options to narrow down story choices.

Parental supervision is always required. Make sure your child is reading and listening to stories you approve for them. This is why the recording option is helpful.

You can look through the available stories and save only the stories you want your child to read or listen to directly to your library in the app. When you save your recording, it saves in a library on your app as well.

That way you are making smart choices and setting those boundaries as a parent.

There is so much variety on Readmio. There are Christian stories, fairy tales and stories that have holiday themes. Plus, many more.

The Readmio app can be used to support quality reading at home in a variety of ways:

  • When grandparents stay with the kids
  • If you have a babysitter
  • If a parent is military and deploys
  • If a parent travels for work
  • If you have multiple small children and need them to calm down
  • Road trips
  • Running errands
  • Listening while riding in the shopping cart
  • Riding in the stroller

Access the Readmio App

Download Readmio to make reading time more special with your children. There are so many ways that this app will be valuable for your family time. It is available for download to your device.

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Looking for more reading information and ideas to read to your children? We have tips for keeping the bookshelf organized. There are also ideas for encouraging your children to read.

Reading is Always Quality Time with Kids

It can be hard to sit and read one more book at bedtime. Especially when you have been going all day long caring for your family. With Readmio, though, you can successfully tell your child a bedtime story while getting a break yourself.

Bedtime routines are so important for teaching children to calm down and get rest. It is a life lesson we teach our children. Reading before bedtime is filled with important lessons and teaches valuable skills. Making reading at bedtime more fun for everyone in the family enhances all of that time together.

What is your favorite way to read bedtime stories to your children?

Mom reading to daughter with the Readmio app. Text reads make bedtime stories more fun Readmio app transforms storytime.