If committing to a month of extra acts of kindness is intimidating, keep this in mind: 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

The point of an activity like this is to focus on giving to others. That teaches our children a way to be proactive in building community. Showing kindness, even in simple ways, is an act of love and community-building. 

When I feel lonely or overwhelmed, doing one focused act of kindness a day makes me feel better. Giving is really a win-win activity.

We can spread acts of kindness in our communities. With simple acts of kindness, we can help others feel appreciated. 

Spreading Acts of Kindness as a Family

If you saw my Christmas countdown acts of kindness, this heart-themed one is similar and uses the same printable acts of kindness ideas. My 12 year old helped me prep an acts of kindness calendar for the month of February. Since the theme is love, it is extra important to teach showing love through thinking of others and taking action.

We can get stuck in our own daily tasks, stress, and bogged down with thinking we are the only ones struggling or feeling overwhelmed. I know I do! That is why building community with other moms is so important.

I know women friendships can get tricky. We get defensive and sometimes read into things. The process of making friends can be exhausting. Our families come first, so we don’t have the time to really pour into friendships in some seasons of motherhood. But when you go through the process of making new friends, the best friends are found in the process.

This idea of spreading acts of kindness is a way for your family to love your neighbors, and maybe even make new friends in the process. Being kind is free. See how we set up our Valentines acts of kindness calendar over on the Spouselink blog, to stay in the love-spreading mood all month long. (And, even beyond. :))

Do you do regular acts of kindness in your community? What ideas do you have for spreading kindness where you live?

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