Spelling words is not just for elementary school kids. We started playing spelling games in preschool. It is about making learning fun, hands-on and interesting. Then, you encourage a love of learning and retention of information when they are young. This game for learning to spell color words teaches preschool children color matching and spelling skills. This activity can be changed up to teach reading sight words too.

As one of our regular preschool activities that I taught at home, craft sticks were used to spell many different words. This activity will help your child with learning to spell color words. It is a hands-on game that teaches spelling in a fun way.

Photo shows the color matching pouches and craft sticks with colored paper flowers to set this preschool color word activity. Text reads learning to spell and match color words.

Learning to Spell Color Words

The first step is to gather your supplies and create the game. This is really easy. You need a few items.


Sharpie Marker

Index cards

Colored markers


Prep the activity:

Fold each index card in half lengthwise (Hamburger fold as we say in the classroom.) Then tape the sides closed. Leave the top open, This is where you will place the craft sticks.

Write a color on the card. (Make sure you use that color marker. Also, be sure the opening of the pouch is on top.

Grab your craft sticks and write one letter of the color word on each stick. I use the black permanent marker for this, so it adds a level of challenge to the letter matching. Your child cannot rely on the color but has to look at the letters. It is great spelling practice!

Repeat this process of making the pouch, labeling it and labeling the craft sticks.

Preschool Activity to Spell Color Words

Once your color pouches are all ready to go, set the sticks mixed together with letters facing up. Then line up the color word pouches. Help your child pick a pouch and locate the sticks that spell that color name. They match one letter at a time.

When they find the letters for ‘green’ they slide each stick in the pouch. Make sure it is in order, so they are learning the spelling of the word.

To adapt this activity for learning to spell colors words to younger preschoolers, use the paper flowers from our flower and butterflies color matching activity. Then, your younger child can go to the flower based on color and find the sticks that spell that color word more easily. It adds another level of color and letter learning too!

To make this a sight word learning activity, create new pockets with sight words written on them. These sight word coloring pages will be a great add-on activity too.

This is a preschool spelling game that can be repeated. The lesson will not be learned in one time. That is why I love home preschool learning because you always reuse the activities. That saves you money on preschool and prepares your child for kindergarten.

When your child has spelled all the color words by inserting the sticks into each pouch, point to each color word and read it together. That reinforces the color name, spelling and reading connection.

To store this color words spelling game for another time, I place it all into a Ziploc bag and put it into a storage drawer or tote. My children would pull this out and do it on their own every now and then.

I could pull this activity out and set it up as a center on our dining room table when I was using learning centers to teach preschool at home. It is a really great activity to work into our homeschool preschool curriculum plan.

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Is your child interested in learning how to read and write color words? It is handy to teach them with hands-on spelling activities like this one!

Craft stick color word spelling game for a preschool hands-on spelling activity.