Try these two little songs to increase learning in those moments where you need a fill-in activity, are traveling in the car, or need to get your infant to lie still while you change her diaper.

I started singing these personalized songs that teach with my children when they were infants. My children have been able to spell their own names since before turning 3 years old. So, I think these songs are effective for learning! It can be hard to change the diaper of a wiggling baby, so sing these songs to distract your baby and teach them.

The second simple song for kids is self-explanatory: Singing the numbers teaches the number order, and it’s never too early to expose your child to numbers!

Personalized songs that teach are handy songs to sing while changing baby's diaper. They teach spelling and numbers and encourage cognitive development in infants.

Personalized Songs that Teach

 Personalized Name Spelling Song

When my son was an infant, I started singing his name to him. I spelled his name out while singing to the tune “Bingo”. Try it with your child. My version went a little something like this:

There was a boy whose name was Everett and this is how you spell his name-o:

 E-V-E-R-E-T-T (x3)

And that’s how you spell Everett.

Obviously, with a long name, you will have to adjust the song to fit, but it is a great way to help your child begin to learn the letters in his name and how to spell it. You will find after a time that he will be singing it too.

This can become a mnemonic device (memory tool) for kids when they begin trying to write out their name. I would sing and point to the letters of my children’s names that we had hanging on the wall in their rooms.  Print awareness can begin from birth.

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Number Order Song

Sing the numbers to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for a personalized song that teachers number order in a simple way. You will be able to keep singing and counting until you want to stop because the tune keeps going. This song grows with your child’s development and interests.

Point to numbers written on paper when you sing it too when your child is a toddler or preschool age, and your child will learn the connection between the number symbols and the number names.

These are two personalized songs that teach are too easy not to try! Both are great for infants on up to school-age children. My kids still enjoy singing their own name songs to spell their name and they really like teaching their younger siblings how to sing their names too. Even by less than 2 years old, your child will begin trying to say the letter names! It’s so fun how simple learning can be with kids.

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Did you try singing these two songs with your infant, toddler or preschool child? Leave me a comment and tell me how it went. (Don’t worry, many of us do not have great singing voices-your child does not care about that!)
Here are other simple, frugal ways to teach your 
children at home:

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Mom smiling at her happy toddler. Text reads personalized songs that teach. Try these two little songs to increase learning. Perfect for car trips or during diaper changing time.