Three small children seated on ground playing the toddler name game with letter cards for teaching toddlers to spell their name.

Singing and playing name games are so fun and effective to teach toddlers how to spell their name. One of the joys of being at home with the kids is taking little moments of time to teach valuable bits of info. But it just looks and sounds like games! So the kids learn to love learning.

Names and colors are the first bits of academic info we teach to our children. Here are some ways to make teaching those skills to toddlers more fun.

Teaching Toddlers to Spell Their Name

All you need to create and play this simple name game is a piece of construction paper, a black marker, and scissors. You can gather your supplies through my Amazon affiliate links below.

You will be creating a name puzzle that is simple enough a toddler can put it together. For durability, laminate the cards after you cut them out.

I combine the name puzzle with this fun name song. It is a simple but effective way to teach toddlers how to spell their name. They get the hands-on of moving letters in order and the connection of singing the song.

Make the Toddler Name Game Puzzle

First, cut the piece of construction paper into squares. You need one square for each letter of your child’s name. If you need more squares for the letters of your child’s name, you may need to use the second piece of paper.

Toddler boy with cards that spell out his name.

Next, write the letters of your toddler’s name on the construction paper squares.  Just one letter per square. Then, arrange the letters in order so they are ready to go for the name game puzzle.

Toddlers Learn the Name Game Song

First off, you will need this name song. It is sung to the tune of “Bingo,” and the lyrics go like this:

“There was a boy whose name was Henry and this is how you spell his name-o.

H-E-N-R-Y, H-E-N-R-Y, H-E-N-R-Y, and that’s how you spell Henry.”

This was one of the first songs I sang with my kids when they were babies. As soon as they were home from the hospital, I would sing a few little songs with them. It engages their senses, teaches them to focus on faces as you look at them while singing, and in this case, it teaches them the spelling of their name.

I sing to them when they are babies, but you will be surprised how quickly this game and song help teach toddlers to spell their name. The song is repetitious which is wonderful for learning.

How to Play the Name Game

Using the cut out pieces of paper that you have labeled with the letters of your toddlers’ name, arrange the letters in order on the floor. Then sit with your toddler to sing and spell out their name with the letter tiles you made.

Kids on the floor arranging letter cards in order for teaching toddlers to spell their name.

We sat on the ground in our play area. My older daughter helped us. She was always such a helper with her little brother and sister.

As we sang the name song, when we got to each letter, I would put that letter card in the center of where we were sitting. Then I would put the second letter next to the first as I sang the letters in order.

Pointing to the first letter card to emphasize visual and auditory connection.

It puts a concrete visual and fine motor tool in focus to connect with the mental memory of singing the song. This helps the information stick in your child’s brain. They are seeing the letters while you sing the letters.

Teaching toddlers to spell their name is so much quicker with this simple name game. Try the name game idea with this DIY book for toddlers project.

Kids sitting on the floor spelling out their names with the name game cards.

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Three small children sitting on the floor in front of a bookshelf playing the name game for teaching toddlers to spell their name.