Teachers and child care personnel must be certified in infant and child CPR.  We as parents do not, but I like to have this posted as a reference. First Aid and CPR for babies and children is important to know.
Just a simple, quick tip that could come in handy, and hopefully will never have to be used: Post the steps for CPR and Rescue Breathing in a couple of spots in your home.  Included are basic first aid resources when you need to know First Aid and CPR for Babies and Children.
First aid kit and supplies shown text reads first aid and CPR for babies and children in this new blog post with tips for parents on first aid procedures.
The steps listed in the image are for an infant, but you can check the American Red Cross e-booklet for the steps required to complete both infant and child CPR, Rescue Breathing, Treatment for Poison, etc.  It is comforting to me to know that I have this in my home when I have a babysitter over, or even family watching my children.  It never hurts to be safe.  Take care of those beautiful babies!
To sign for a class on first aid and CPR for Babies and Children, you can search for classes in your area and sign up through the American Red Cross website. In the UK? Click the infographic below to search your area Red Cross resources.
You can also check out this ice pack hack for kids’ bumps and bruises.

First Aid and CPR for Babies and Children

Helping Your Child Develop Through Play

First Aid for Babies by Wooden Toy Shop

What safety tips can you share for keeping your home baby-proof and safe for your children?

First aid and CPR for babies and children with included infographic of first aid procedures for parents.
Get to know first aid and CPR for babies and children so you can be safe and keep your little ones safe in your home

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