He was ready, a little nervous, but ready to attend his first summer camp experience. With all our military moves, this was the first opportunity he had to plug in to a youth group. He was all in for summer camp. We as parents wanted to feel confident in the adult leaders and the group he was attending. These were the important points when considering summer camps for teens. It felt like the right time. Summer camps for teens are a great opportunity for teens to see what independence feels like. We parents want a safe, protected environment.

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For a moment, I wanted him to choose to stay home. The fear took hold in my mind. I had to calm myself down and relax. Reminding myself of the trips and summer camp experiences I had as a child. It comforted me to know I was fine when I went to camp. I knew my son was old enough and prepared to handle this summer camp experience.

Summer camps for teens are filled with fun, outdoor time and restricted technology use. The good old days of tech-free living are just not a reality. But, with summer camp, a child can disconnect and hone life skills.

Summer Camps for Kids and Teens

The best summer camp for your teen will provide a life-changing, fun experience. My son left for camp a bit shy and reserved. When he came home, he said he had the best week of his life. It made me so happy for him!

Summer camps for teens are plenty. Look for camps that teach faith, values, incorporate a lot of outdoor time, and teach hands-on activities. You want to gain peace of mind as a parent that the environment is safe and encouraging for your child. Reach out to the camp for information. Be sure to ask all of your questions. 

Since we have been living in North Carolina for a few years now, I was researching summer camps in North Carolina for teens. Through the military there are camps. There are also summer camps through churches and local groups. If your teen is plugged in to a local youth group, ask the leaders about camp options. There should be transparency about the schedule and ease of answering parents’ questions.

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Sending Your Teen to Summer Camp

Teens are at an age that is exciting to watch. They still need our presence so much, but they are growing into their own people. They are ready to explore who they are and how they can make a positive impact on others. A summer camp experience did that for my teen. It was such a positive experience for my son that my daughter is ready to try it this summer. 

Releasing our children into the world to learn and grow is hard. I want to keep my children sheltered from all that could hurt them. But, there is so much knowledge and connection gained from letting them see the world, be independent, and take some risks. They learn explore, grow and thrive. 

We did it as we were growing into our adulthood. We can be present parents and let our teens explore and learn on their own too. There is so much gained from spending a lot of quality time with our teens. Take comfort that they are learning how to navigate the world well. You never know what life-changing growth your child will experience. Be excited for them!

Have you sent your teen to summer camp? Any summer camps that you recommend? Leave a comment to share.

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