I don’t know about your craft supply stash, but we tend to not use a lot of the black construction paper. As I was buying replacement packages of paper, the black was never running out. While teaching the twins in our homeschool preschool, I decided to use the black paper for a counting activity with Cheerios.

Black construction paper is handy around fall for pumpkin projects like the ones in this Halloween activity collection. But, other times of the year, the only art project we do with black paper is chalk drawings.

Here is how the twins worked on counting and number identification for some preschool math at home.

Cheerio Counting Practice for Preschool at Home


Black construction paper or cardstock

Cheerios or Os cereal

White crayon

Glue (optional)

child counting cheerios onto labeled counting cards

Practicing Counting Skills in Preschool at Home Curriculum

I have shared a lot of letter activities in our preschool at home curriculum. And, as I package our preschool curriculum together to make it easier for you to teach preschool at home with your children, I will be adding more of the preschool learning activities that we used.

They are always simple and do not require too much crafty skills. That means anyone can teach their preschooler at home. You can do it!

black construction paper is cut in half and labeled with number symbols and words for a preschool counting practice activity.

First step is to cut each piece of construction paper in half. Fold it in hamburger-fold style and cut along the line.

At the bottom of each paper, write a number with the white crayon. You can write the number word on the top of each paper. (1 and one on the first piece, 2 and two on the next…)

Then, pour some Cheerios into a small bowl. A couple of handfuls should be enough to allow for counting practice. Of course there will be some snacking too.

If your child does not know their numbers, work on this activity with them. Point to the number 1 card name and say it. Then, take one Cheerio out of the bowl and place it on the card repeating the word “one” again. Point to the symbol and say “one” as well. This reinforces the number symbol and the number word for preschoolers learning numbers.

Move on to the “2” card and do the same. Then, keep going. Let your child grab the Cheerios out of the bowl and place them on the card as you count together.

We count all the cards in order too, so they hear the numbers in order. Number order practice is important for building number sense in preschool. This pumpkin seeds counting activity and ornament number order activity are both good examples of this learning process.

If you do not feel comfortable teaching your preschool child at home, Download my free How to Teach a Preschool Activity guide. Teaching preschool at home saves a ton of money, and is very effective for not only teaching your child the academic skills they need for school, but also helps maintain their mental health and emotional health in the process, because of all the time with you.

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All the time at home with mom is so helpful for a child’s self-esteem and emotional growth. After you try this activity with your child, let me know how it goes.

Let us know in the comments what you do with all the black construction paper when it piles up? Have any simple activities we can try?

Boy placing cheerios cereal onto cards labeled with numbers. Text reads counting practice with cheerios.