It is a stressful time full of turmoil and unknowns. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with a few life challenges. The stress of being a mother these days is so high. What I am doing is to focus on what I can control. What I can do in this time to create peace, is love my family.

As I see the world at war, disconnection, and communities crumbling, leaning in is all I can do.

Leaning in to my home. Leaning in to building my family. The real village we have are our spouses  and children. If you have more than that, you are one blessed person.

But, these days all I can think about is making sure I am instilling the values I need to teach my children. We can see cultures clashing, and political parties floundering, and still create peace, contentment and solid footing at home.

Just for the women who may feel that they need to be the rock at home: Do it. Be the stable parent. Be the parent who gets the dirty work done. We live in times with rules blurred, gender norms are fluid, and the family is not the focus anymore. We can still live by morals and values in our homes. That is not outdated or expired. They actually are ready for a comeback.

What We Can Do While the World Is Falling Apart

I know it is hard to look past today. We fear what may come from the wars in the middle east and Europe. And even so, we can each focus on home.

We can make our homes safe, comfortable, loving places where truth is told and forgiveness is given. I see so much hurt being thrown out in the world. We can only step away from the battles others are waging and stop the fight by loving our families.

It is always a choice and a valuable option.  There is no other venue these days where you will make a bigger impact. Yes, you may not earn a paycheck or gain medals, awards or public acclaim. But, your family is the eternal reward. Loving them is how you make a positive impact on the world.

It has been so worth it to have the flexibility to pull back from toxic and unhealthy relationships and events. It has been so valuable to know my children see me do that and how it brings peace – with time – to our home. This is a season of life for finding our real family, our true friends, our real community, and leaning in to them.

This is not a time for fear, scattering, and looking for personal glory. We mothers are doing the unsung work. We are the ones comforting, correcting, cleaning up the mess. We are the ones supporting, refueling, and cheering on our loved ones. We have to do that so much more right now. We have to be the light for our families and direct them to what matters most.

Lean in at home. Cut out the unhealthy time-wasting tasks and people. Forgive, pray and solidify your relationships at home.

The world is falling apart, but now is the time for being present for your family. There are too many hurting in the world who have no one leaning in to them. We will not let our families feel that way.

Family seated on couch, snuggling with one another. Baby on dad's lap. Text reads as the world is falling apart.