Building a family is work. That is what we do as moms. We lay a foundation of love and support. We BUILD our family from the ground up!
How do we create peace on Earth? Create peace in the hearts and minds of each child born on this planet. I truly believe if we provide a solid family foundation before we send our children off into the world, and provide soft, trusted, respectful places to land when times get tough, the world would be closer to peace than it is now. Building a family is work-hard work!
 The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.  Proverbs 14:1 (NIV)
Being a mom is a full time job whether you make it your only full time job as a stay-at-home mom, or try to balance it with work outside of the home or work at home.


Watching my mother while I was growing, I saw firsthand the work that it took to balance a part time job night shift job with staying home full time. My mom had to put her career second to us.


She had to call in sick to stay home with us if we were ill.


She had to get very little sleep the mornings after she worked in order to supervise us.

This experience was enough to convince me that I did not want to try out the juggling act of career vs. home; I wanted to stay at home. Being a mom was a job in and of itself for my mom, and it is a full-time job for me.


What we do all day, when separated into individual tasks, makes up the careers of some people.  If they get to say they work, then so do we. 


Housekeeping, cooking, baking, sewing, budgeting, taxes, gardening, home maintenance, plumbing, extermination, child care, chauffeur, nurse, laundress, philosopher, teacher, animal caretaker (if you have pets), home organizer, decorator, coach, investor and retirement planner are on my list.


We don’t work on every one of those tasks every day, but some we never stop doing even at night.


When a fever spikes at 3 AM, when the baby does not settle down easily, when a child wets the bed, we are on call for all of it, 24-7!


We have eyes on the economy because we depend on one income rather than two. To say that women who stay home are out of touch, or not affected by what happens in the economy out in the working world, is to completely miss the foundation of what we do all day: live on one income!


Because you do this ‘mom thing’ as your job, you have the opportunity to provide security and peace in your home and for your children.

Remember that the main job we moms do is building a family. 


That is WORK and it is WORTH IT.


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Building a family is work. That is what we do as moms. We lay a foundation of love and support. We BUILD our family from the ground up!


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