If we are made in God’s perfect image, then each of us is a version of perfect. The world’s definition is not the one we need to worry about. This is my description of the perfect mom considering the reality of life as a stay-at-home mom.
We each are perfect for our children and our families because of our strengths, weaknesses and lessons we will teach with both. I think your version of the “perfect” mom is defined by more than clean houses and delicious meals. It is defined by love, and that is always perfect.
A mother is working on a project with her two young children. Text reads my description of the perfect mom.

1.) A perfect mom knows that some days you do not get a shower, but she just applies more deodorant or perfume.

2.) A perfect mom may have a house straight out of a magazine OR maybe you caught her on a “good” day.
3.) A perfect mom knows parenting is hard, so she does not buy in to quick fixes or short-term solutions to her parenting challenges.
4.) A perfect mom wants to teach her children from her own life experiences, and sticks to it, even if today put those lessons a few steps back.

5.) A perfect mom is a woman who will not give up on her children.
6.) A perfect mom is someone who has failures and flaws and knows she does not want her children to mimic them (if they really are that bad). She knows that her children will make their own mistakes, but she will still teach right from wrong in her house.
7.) A perfect mom is someone who will not turn away from her responsibilities as mom no matter how difficult the day or behaviors shown…from her or her children!
8.) A perfect mom goes to bed at night exhausted from the challenges of raising her children all day, but still knows she will be ready to tackle it all the next day or will at least do her best to act like it.
9.) A perfect mom is a woman who knows her role is about giving-giving lessons, giving love, giving constructive criticism, giving security.

10) A perfect mom knows that what she will receive is the comfort and peace knowing that she gave all she had for the ones she loved…no matter what anyone else thinks about how she did it.

Perfect is not interpreted the same way by all people.
The Biblical definitions of “perfect” are: holy, merciful, complete, entire, wanting nothing…in Christ Jesus (KJV). So I gather that if you are a Christian, your definition should align with this.
I try to keep my mind focused on this path to perfection, not the idea that “perfection” involves a Vogue magazine, an episode of Biggest Loser, and a weekly manicure.

The REAL, TRUE definition of perfect is living like Jesus. I keep looking for ways to do that in my life, and goodness knows, I give a lot of what I have to my family, so I am serving in the arena that is most needing my focus at this stage of my life.

What would you add to the “perfect mom” list?

Text reads my description of the perfect mom. If we are made in God's image then each of us is a version of perfect.

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