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Personal growth does not end when you become a stay-at-home mom. I know many of you feel that when you stop your career, stay at home, and devote so much time to your family, you begin to stop growing as a woman. Your personal growth matters.

You are still a beautiful, growing individual even though your role at this time is to nurture and care of your family. That being said, there is so much we moms can do to keep growing and enriching ourselves, to encourage our personal growth, even while being focused on being stay-at-home moms.

We can’t do it all today, but we can do a little bit at a time to keep moving forward and grow as not only a mom, but a wife, and woman.

Here are 17 ideas for you to focus on your personal growth.

I do not often feel that I give up myself to be a mom, but I do feel like I have to grow, adapt and change along with what I need to do to be a good mom. Every challenging experience in my life has changed me at my core-why should motherhood be different? Of course caring for another life is going to mold us into a different version of ourselves. We are not losing, but gaining chapters in our personal book of life.

We do not have to give up ourselves to continue growing. We do not have to stop pursuing our interests and reaching for our personal goals just because we have children. Balance is important and often certain tasks or even an entire career may need to be put on pause so we can focus on our families when they are just developing the definition of what family is and is meant to be. BEing present for our children and husbands matters, but so do we.

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