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Tips and advice for appreciating our husbands and working on our marriage.

So, I don’t like to admit it, but I am not a perfect wife…

Phew! Full disclosure takes a load off!! 🙂
Viewing marriage as a work in progress helps me remember that we are in this together, he and I. It’s important to note that I could not be a stay-at-home mom without him. We are a partnership, splitting the work of a house and family, sharing in this effort, not doing the same jobs each day, but each playing a vital role for the other. It’s balance…or our attempt to get there.
Despite my best attempts at trying to be positive, I fail miserably. I need some inspiration some days to remind me how worth it the work is that I need to put into my marriage.

When You Need to Work on Your Marriage

Caroline of The Joyful Keeper has a heart for encouraging women to embrace their God-given role as keepers of the home. I absolutely love her faith-based devotional posts about being a stay-at-home mom and working to not only grow as a woman but also letting faith guide marriage. She has written pretty extensively on marriage, and as a woman with 9 children and a marriage that is working, I’d say she has some great thoughts worth reading. (I think it is hard enough keeping a focus on my marriage with 4 little ones!)

Caroline’s posts are first so you can look through as you choose, and then scroll down for thoughts, advice and experienced insights from 11 of our other lovely SAHM bloggers.

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Working On A Successful Marriage {The 3 C’s} – Wendy Woerner @ The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide
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Sticky Sweet Love Story – Mama’s Happy Hive

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