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Teaching children to make healthy eating choices can be tough-especially when as a mom it can be easy to have them grab whatever is within their reach to make things quick. My snack organization station to help kids make healthy food choices changed everything when it came to snack time.


This organizational tip will help when you hear, “Mom, I’m hungry!” for the 100th time today! Get healthy snacks ready and into your kids’ hands quickly. (A great help for picky eaters too!)

Image shows healthy snacks organized in a snack station for easy reach. Text reads helping kids make healthy food choices snack organization station.

This snack station or fridge snack box helps so much when kids want snacks all the time! Picky eaters have to choose from a snack selection and snacks are within the reach of even preschoolers. Easy to organize and quick to set up for busy moms.

Gets Kids to Make Healthy Food Choices

I set up a snack organization station in our fridge. Using a plastic container or lunch box, load it up with healthy snacks.

Set up this simple fridge snack box for kids so they can help themselves to snacks that you have stocked for them-easy to get healthy options in their reach and saves mom time.

I put in cheese sticks, sliced apples, and granola bars. Add in some cups of water and you are set for the next time your child is hungry…again!

Set up this simple snack station fridge snack box for kids for Summer vacation. No more hearing, "Mom, I'm hungry!" Kids can serve themselves with the foods you have stocked.

The snack station or snack box sets in the fridge down on the lowest shelf so even preschoolers can grab a snack from the choices you have stocked. Your child gets to feel that they are making a choice, and you get to feel good about the healthy options at their reach. It is great for trying to teach picky eaters healthy eating habits.

This tip has made a difference in our house especially when I was breastfeeding the twins. I could not always just get up and get snacks for my older two. This was essential!



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Healthy snacks in divided containers. Text reads snack organization station helping kids make healthy food choices.

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