Back when the kids were little, I was not a pro at meal planning. It took me some time to get a system down. When you get a meal planning system that works for your family, it makes life so much simpler.

I used to dread being asked “What’s for dinner?” Meal Planning Simplified, gives you 8 weeks of meals. Knowing what’s for dinner is as simple as clicking a link.

PLUS, there is an extra week of meals free for a limited time and an extra BONUS included!

Using the collection of recipes in Meal Planning Simplified, I can shop for groceries with less stress. I have my dinner meal plan done each week.

  • The recipes give you ideas for healthful meals that keep dinner interesting.
  • All freeze well so you can double them to get some freezer meals saved up.
  • Each week you will be able to plan 5 dinner meals.
  • There is room for leftovers and a night off with takeout built into the meal plans.
  • That all helps eliminate waste which saves money.

Meal Planning Simplified is a guide for getting the dinner plan done. It is already done for you!

Meal Planning Simplified

What do you get in this meal planning guide? All of this + a bonus for a limited time!

  • 40+ recipes for dinner meal planning
  • 8 weeks of meal prep inspiration
  • Simplified Grocery Shopping List
  • Recipe inspiration to answer the question “What’s for dinner?” every night!

Preview the dinner meal plans in Meal Planning Simplified by Jaimi Erickson.

We tend to store leftovers in individual size containers. That way on leftover night everyone can pick their own dinner from the selections. This gives the kids more say over what they eat that night which they love.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

My children have enjoyed the meals in Meal Planning Simplified. We eat a family style dinner every night. I make one meal for all of us.

I do have picky eaters, but we get through by asking them to at least have a bite of a food they don’t want.

Children can be picky, but they can learn to eat healthy. We set the expectations and boundaries as parents. This guide is a great way to expose your kids to some new meals.

I love teaching my kids life skills by getting them in the kitchen with me. Teaching kids to cook is a great family time activity with big benefits.

If your child is old enough, they can pick a meal from the week to make. I love when kids take control of some of the cooking because they really feel empowered.

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Bonus Recipes

As one of the first to gain access to this helpful meal plan collection, I wanted to offer you even more recipes for your meal planning arsenal!

Get a FREEE week of meals for a limited time when you purchase Meal Planning Simplified THIS WEEK!

The extra meals will only be available in the digital download if you order it in the next 7 days.

Purchase the guide with over 40 dinner meals to always know what is for dinner, save money by meal planning, and get your family eating delicious homecooked meals every week.

****EXTRA BONUS***** One more FREE bonus to simplify your meal planning and grocery shopping:

Simplified Shopping List Included FREE

Every Meal Planning Simplified guide comes with my favorite organized grocery shopping list.

Write down what you need by section of the grocery store. This saves time! When grocery shopping with kids simple helps reduce the chaos.

No more passing the aisles multiple times because you forgot one item. No more backtracking and forgetting what you need to get dinner on the table. This shopping list printable keeps you on track and organized.

Make copies of the shopping list and use one each time you head to the grocery store. You will always be ready and organized.

Get your digital copy of Meal Planning Simplified.

+ an extra week of dinner recipes to help you plan 9 weeks of dinners

AND the included BONUS of the organized grocery shopping list that you can print for each grocery store trip.

Since getting this system in place, life has been so much more in balance in my house.

I like to write my meal plan on a menu board like the ones here. It adds some fun decor and helps everyone in the house know what is for dinner.

You can stay organized and feel less stressed come dinner time.

What is your biggest struggle with meal planning? Have any tips or tricks helped you get this part of life in order?

Meal planning simplified with over 40 dinner meal plans plus a printable shopping list template to stay organized and save time.