Mother's Day Gifts that are special, unique and even free for moms!

This Mother’s Day Gift Guide is a unique collection of gift ideas for moms. There are gifts for new moms, gifts for Mother’s Day, and for any holiday where you want to make a special friend feel loved. You will even find free gifts!

I include ideas that you can ship, make, creative ideas to let a mom know you are thinking of them, and some beautiful personalized jewelry that is really special.

Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

SUPER Easy Gift to Give: Lovepop Cards

The easiest way to tell a mom she is thought of and loved on Mother’s Day is with a special greeting card. These truly special cards pop up and are so pretty they can become décor! How cute are the designs?!

You have to check these out. A friend will love this special hello. Lovepop Mother’s Day cards let a special mom know she is loved.

>>>View all the Mother’s Day cards (that practically become décor) from Lovepop.<<<

Personalized Jewlery from Joyamo

The tasteful designs of Joyamo personalized necklaces and bracelets are truly a special gift. Each piece adds such a special, custom touch to a gift for moms for mother’s Day.

I have gifted multiple pieces of jewelry from Joyamo’s collection for moms.

>>>View more of the designs here.<<<

Gifts to Pamper Mom

Making a mom something she can use to pamper herself is always a good idea. Moms do not get a lot of time off. These simple DIY gifts are pretty special. They also are quick to make.

The Gift of Some Free Time

It may seem too simple, but giving a mom a couple of hours to herself IS a gift! Send a Lovepop card with the promise to watch the kids so a special mom can take a break to do something solo or with friends.

Give mom some time off to explore her favorite hobby. A great list of hobbies for moms are here. Sometimes all you need is an hour a day or a couple hours on the weekend to do something special in order to recharge as a mom.

Book Gifts for Moms

A great devotional for stay at home moms is another gift idea. Staying encouraged in this season of life can take some filling up of your cup. This list of devotional posts is a great go-to.

My favorite books for moms are Mom Connection, Power of a Praying Wife, The Benedict Option, and From Boardroom to Baby.

Digital Scrapbook for Mom

Create a special memory book for a special mom by making her a digital scrapbook. Mixbook Photo Co. makes it easy. This makes a great gift idea for moms and mom-friends who live long-distance since it is easy to be sent to the recipient.

Simple Gifts that Mean A Lot

Coffee gift cards are always a treat. I know when I get a gift card to my favorite coffee place, it makes the decision to stop, take a break, and treat myself to a cup of coffee or tea very easy.

I don’t often stop and get coffee. Gift cards are great incentive for moms taking a minute for themselves.

Potted plants for moms who love some green in the house are great to give. I received a potted plant over a year ago. Recently, I was able to break it apart to re-plant 4 different plants from the arrangement.

Even a year later the plants are still going strong. Plant therapy is so great.

Gifts that Ship Well to Long-Distance Friends

Living far from friends and family, I like to have a go-to list of gifts that I can ship. For special occasions and holidays it is nice to make friends and family feel special by sending a special gift.

I love that the gifts I highlighted in the list are all are made to ship long-distance. That means there is less stress to send a gift no matter how many miles separate you and your friends.

>>>Click to read the full gift list here.<<<

A gift in the mail is great encouragement for a mom. We all need day-brighteners now and then.

DIY Gifts

I still love a good DIY lotion or bath salts. They are fun to receive and relaxing to use. It is a nice excuse to take some time to relax and pamper yourself. Giving DIY gifts to moms for Mother’s Day will help a stressed out mom take a break.

>>>Get the list of DIYs HERE<<<

Name a Star

What a unique way to celebrate your favorite mom! You can name a star and your loved one will receive a certificate and the ability to track the star through the available app. A very special and unique gift for mom.

Practical Gifts (& Freebies for Moms)

Practical gifts are also a great idea for moms! Especially moms of babies and toddlers can get into a rut with things like homemaking and meal planning.

Meal planning made simple with 9 weeks of dinner plans plus printable shopping list that you can use to keep your grocery shopping organized.

Meal Planning Simplified is a great, simple gift you can send to a mom-friend to help her get organized and in balance with meals. There are 9 weeks of meal plans, printable shopping list template to keep shopping organized, and great tips for making the meals kid-friendly all rolled into the plan.

Perfect practical Mother’s Day gift guide for moms who like to be organized and try new recipes!

>>>View The Meal Planning Guide HERE<<<

All moms who subscribe to the FREE Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide newsletter, gain access to home and life balance tools in the Subscriber Only Freebies section.

One of my favorite free gifts in the collection is the Daily Success List.

>>>Get your copy of the printable list here!!<<<

This list is a fantastic guide for moms of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids. The List helps moms stay focused on daily priorities to keep home, kids and their own stress level in balance.

I used this list when my children were little to help me keep a solid daily routine.

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What was your favorite Mother’s Day gift you have ever received? What are your favorite Mother’s Day gifts to give?

Mother's Day gift guide for stay-at-home moms. Special and even free gift ideas to help moms feel loved this Mother's Day.