The sweet gifts of motherhood are time with my children. Personalized jewelry gifts for moms keeps them close at heart.

It feels even more precious now. My oldest will be 18 in a handful of years. I have 5 summers left before he starts his adult life. Time does not stand still. The sweet gifts of motherhood are what I cherish.

I have zero regrets for stopping my career to stay at home with my children. We lived in some financially tight years when our first 2 children were born. Watching the bank account was a daily event. We had to be careful.

It was all worth it looking back.

With the world in chaos in so many places, I am glad that our home has been a haven. We are not perfect. We argue. We debate. But we always recover. We always stay committed and try better next time.

The real-life aspects of raising my children have been my favorite. The messy stuff becomes the best in the end.

Teaching them by showing them feels important. Not just giving them my words but actually having them home to see my actions. It has made me feel fulfilled in this motherhood gig.

I feel the closeness with my children as a result. I feel the gratitude from my husband because I handle the home.

After the last couple of years, I feel so strongly that the only real trophies of my life will be the relationships with my husband and children. It is all I really have total impact on every day.

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Keeping them and that focus close to my heart – always – is important to me.

I am not a perfect mom in any way. My goal has always been to be real. But, when I look at my kids, when I look at how they approach life, I am content.

The sweet gifts of motherhood are the relationships with our children.

We do not get time back.

I am grateful to have invested so much time in them. We have invested time in each other. They just don’t know yet that they have given me so many gifts through the years – time with them matters most.

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Personalized jewelry gifts for moms and grandmothers. The sweet gifts of motherhood.

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The sweet gifts of motherhood are our children, the service we give to our family and the 18 years we get with our kids before they begin their adult lives. It goes so quickly. Yet we can live so much life together with them in that time.

I am grateful for every day. The experiences of being a mom have been a blessing in so many ways. So many lessons learned – together – with my kids.

The sweet gifts of motherhood.

What special items do you cherish that are memories of the time you have spent with your children?

The sweet gifts of motherhood. Time with our children and unique gifts that keep them close at heart.
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