Hobbies for moms to do for fun and rest.

Recently, many of you reached out asking for a list of activities or hobbies for moms do. These activities will help us rest and balance. They are ways we can sneak in self-care and recharge time. Plus, they are fun!

In order to be a loving caregiver rather than a mom who is sinking deep into the motherhood abyss, I have had to figure out how to take care of myself. We moms can get caught up in doing ALL THE THINGS poorly rather than humbly doing a few things exceptionally.

Moments of fitting in rest and recharge have made all the difference for keeping life in balance. We cover a lot of activities for kids here. Let’s focus on some fun activities for us moms too! That is what this collection of hobbies is all about.

Hobbies for Moms to Rest and Have Fun

Try these hobbies for moms to fit in recharge time when the kids are napping or at school.

Positive journaling to focus on gratitude

I love writing. This blog is a place I go to share how I take the rough moments of motherhood and focus on the good within them. Positive journaling helps me focus on the good. No matter what kind of day we have had.

There are multiple ways to go about this journaling approach.

  1. Read a bible verse each day and just write what comes to your mind.
  2. Read an inspiring quote to motivate you as a mom. Journal what you will focus on to stay in a place of peace and joy.
  3. Start a blog. 😊 It can be so encouraging to connect with you all. I never come here to dwell on the problems but to connect and share our similar overcomer moments as moms. I would love to read yours!
  4. Read encouragement for moms right here! Then journal what connects to your motherhood experience.

Virtual Painting Classes

I used to gather with a couple of neighbors and one would lead us in a wine and paint night. They were so fun. Girl time, wine, recharge…I loved it.

If you do not have an artsy friend to lead the way, try this idea virtually! You can take a paint class online on your own or with a group together.

Splash Art Class offers virtual art classes. You have the option to order supplies from them or use your own.

Online Paint & Sip has prerecorded painting classes. It only costs $18 to learn and paint one of the guided masterpieces!

Youtube has everything. I found this interesting butterfly painting lesson that I want to try with my girls. It looks very easy to follow. Do it on your own or with kids.

Want to try watercolor? Learn to paint these flowers with the demo video. Such a fun idea for homeschool art class too or enrichment at home.

Virtual music lessons not just for kids

I wish I would have learned how to play the piano or stuck with clarinet. We love our in person piano studio. But virtual piano lessons are available too!

There are a lot of instrument options. It could be your recharge time each week while learning a great skill in the process.

Fit in Exercise as a Mom

Exercise is such a multi-faceted recharge activity. It makes me feel accomplished. It helps me sleep better. Exercise gives me a stress relief activity. It helps me look my best too. All good things!

I fit in my workout an hour or so after dinner. The kids are content at that time. I get my time to recharge and improve my fitness.


Sewing is so simple. You do not have to be a trained seamstress or have mega Ma Ingalls skills to sew . I can tell you as someone who learned as I went, it is easier than you think.

I taught my oldest daughter some basic sewing with this cute idea for teaching kids to sew a stuffed animal. If kids can sew then we moms can as well.

It can be really satisfying to make those ripped leggings work for a few more months. Just repair the knees. Sew some little stuffed animals. Get a simple purse pattern to follow. It will take you back to 10th grade home economics class.

Cross stitching is sewing too. It can be a great simple home décor piece. Or make a holiday decoration that you DIY all on your own. Give yourself some free time to recharge with a little sewing project.

Join a Book Club

I am making it a goal to read more.  With kids, reading time can often get interrupted a lot. This kept me from reading for fun for quite a while. I like long stretches to just get into my book. Adjusting my expectations has helped.

Getting your mom friends together to hang out and chat about a book once a week or even once a month could be a nice addition to a playgroup. I did this with a few friends throughout the early years of motherhood.

Learn how to host a playdate to meet mom friends and keep postpartum depression and loneliness away.

Take Time to Rest and Recharge with Activities for You Too

Moms plan a lot of activities for the kids. Let’s remember that we can have time for hobbies and recharge as well. It is important to get that balance when we can.

For more activities for moms to rest and recharge, check out the Complete Guide for Stay at Home Moms: Me Time.

So many simple ways to focus on a little bit of rest each day.

How are you fitting in hobbies to rest and recharge in your current season of motherhood? Are these ideas helpful for you?

This is a great list of hobbies for moms to do to recharge and get some time to themselves.