Work at Home tips for life balance. Live in balance rather than chaos whether you work at home, homeschool or are a stay-at-home mom.

Whether you work at home, homeschool your kids or are a stay at home mom, this list of resources and tips is a go to for you! These work at home tips streamline homemaking tasks. They help you stay organized. They encourage you to live a life of balance and not chaos.

Working at home and homeschooling are so similar. We are balancing home and an additional job on top of it.

Similarities Between Work at Home and Homeschooling Moms

  • We are in our home while juggling required expectations and tasks.
  • We can get distracted from our priority list because everything in front of us looks like it needs to be done right now.
  • We are often juggling kids while attempting to check items off of our own to do list or that of our business.

I have a huge resource to share with you! Thank you to Kerri for teaming up for this guest post feature! I am so excited to share this with you all.

It ties in homemaking tips to save you time with cleaning and organizing. It helps you set up systems in your home so you are able to have more time for other tasks.

This complete guide also shares a ton of work at home mom tips. From finding work to organizing life to make working at home work for you. I have you covered!

Head over to SimplyKerri to read the whole post. I am so thrilled to be featured over there. Thanks, Kerri!

Work at Home and homeschooling moms need these tips for life balance. Live in balance rather than chaos. Go to list of resources for work at home moms.