Homeschool tips from a single working mom.

I am so excited to be teaming up with Jaimi today, and feel super honored to be a guest on her amazing blog! 

I didn’t start off homeschooling as a single mom. But here I am, a single mom of 5, homeschooling like a boss. Well, maybe not like a boss but I’m trying! Lol. 

My first year homeschooling was almost 5 years ago now. It was well prayed over, well thought out and fully planned to a T. I have five children, three of which would be homeschooling that first year. I had never homeschooled before, but we were doing it.

We weren’t happy with public schools, for various reasons, so I made the decision to do it myself. I had an 8th grader, 7th grader and a 4th grader. I had read all the things, searched everything I could, and it was going to be awesome! 

Three months Into our first year, my husband left us. Obviously there is way more to that story but homeschool wise it left me in sheer panic mode. I don’t know how we made it through that first year, but I will say, the heartache we went through, I was glad to have been able to be there for my kids and continue learning at our own pace.

We learned and grew a lot together that year. 

The following September came and adding another school age child to the 3 already schooling, I was not exactly sure how I was going to actually do it. Plus having a little toddler to keep occupied, and I would need a job somewhere in there.

I prayed my butt off for guidance and a sound plan on how on earth I was going to do this. Met with questions from everyone around me about how this would ever be possible, I really felt like this is what God wanted for me to do so I just decided to walk in faith. I worked a little part time for my parents. I barely floated along financially. 

Here we are today, almost 5 years later and I have since graduated my oldest (who is currently off in boot camp), added my youngest homeschooler to the mix leaving me now with 4 homeschoolers.

I’ve worked part time jobs through the years which have included shopping jobs, book keeping, an MLM side hustle, and now, my current new writing job. Basically whatever will pay the bills to keep me home with my babies. I’m also a blogger and growing my social media with a little bit of some influencing. 

So….? How do I do it all? What’s my secret? To be honest, there is no one secret. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ lol

First, I feel very strongly convicted to homeschool my children. I like the freedom it offers and I love being home with them.

Second, I’m really trying every day to trust that if God has called me to this, that he will provide. So far, He absolutely has! 

Homeschooling may look all sunshine and rainbows, and don’t get me wrong, it absolutely has been amazing! But that’s not the reality of every day. Some days are really hard! Being a single mom makes it even harder! 

Here are some ways I try to balance it out, because that’s the only way to do it. It is 100% a balance act. 

Tips for Balance While Homeschooling

  1. Not every day will be perfect. Accept that. Give yourself and your kids lots of grace. Let the little things go and just try again later. 
  2. Plan, plan, plan! It’s great to go with the flow, most often with my schedule and life we have to go with the flow, but always have a plan to fall back on. Sometimes it’s easy to be too easy going and then before you know it, assignments are missing, days are missed, no one knows what’s happening. Things can get chaotic pretty quickly, so have a solid game plan to fall back on
  3. Meal plan! Just do it, trust me, the mental stress at the end of a homeschool day can be really exhausting, take something easy off your shoulders like having a plan for dinner. 
  4. Get organized!  Work out a schedule for subjects on particular days, extra curricular activities and sports, co-op’s, plan it the week or month before so you have that solid plan. Like I said, if things go out of whack you can adjust but always good to have that solid plan. 
  5. Organize the school stuff. Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned homeschooler, there is usually a lot of stuff! Printers and books, pencils, crayons etc etc. Get it under control and refresh weekly. 
  6. Structure. I find I’ve relaxed a lot compared to my first year, sometimes my teens especially will take advantage of that. So pull those reigns back in. Plus, kids thrive on structure and routine. Give them chores, time limits and stick to it. It will be better for everyone all around. 
  7. Carve out work time and stick to it. Whether you’re working in or outside of the home, especially the single parents! Yes God will provide but you have to work right? Make sure you clear that time on your schedule.
  8. Be consistent! Some days are going to be hard, even if you don’t have the mental energy to get everything done, whether it’s school and chores, or school and work, school and and and… It doesn’t matter, be consistent in some form. Some is better than none, and being consistent longer will help keep you in a routine

Lastly, enjoy the ups and downs, get used to a messier home, learn to pick and choose your battles and enjoy your babies.

If I’ve learned anything in the years I’ve homeschooled as a single mom, and sending my oldest off to boot camp it’s that, so many days were spent trying to keep it together and getting frustrated when I couldn’t, that I forgot the whole reason I chose this in the first place. Slow down, change it around it you need to and enjoy every season.

Homeschooling as a single mom, tips, guidance and encouragement for balance.

Simply Kerri blog guest post with tips for homeschooling balance.

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